Copper Bullet and Qilin had received a seemingly easy yet well-paid mission. Their target was to “deal with the tyrant”, and it turned out that the tyrant was actually the father of the client. The most unexpected encounter was Silver Bullet, sister of Copper Bullet.
        She rode Pixiu, coming over slowly. The miserable memories in the past, the experience on the verge of death had surged within Copper Bullet, who was scared and frozen immediately; his sister took out a dagger, gave it a lick, and sprinted towards him with great speed. Silver Bullet tried to stab him in the heart. Luckily, Qilin pushed Copper Bullet away in time before she did it.
        “Hey kid! Hang in there! You’re the chosen one. This place is not your graveyard yet!” Qilin give him a shove to wake him up. “Although you’re weak, I’m strong enough to back you up. There is nothing to be afraid of,” said Qilin.
        Copper Bullet picked up the pieces and responded confidently, “right! I’ll defeat her again! I’m not scared of you!”
        “Hmm, my lovely brother has grown up.” Silver Bullet licked her lips, “don’t let me down.”
        When Silver Bullet whistled, Pixiu jumped into the darkness right away; Qilin tried to defend but it was too late——“Roar!” It bumped into Qilin and both of them fell down the stairs.
        “Qilin!” Copper Bullet shouted.
        “I’ve reminded you before. Never turn your back on enemies.” Silver Bullet’s voice came from behind; Copper Bullet parried her attack with a blade. She crouched down to do a leg sweep, then pounced on him quickly.
        Copper Bullet tried to stab her with the blade, but he failed. His sister grabbed and sprained his hand, which made him let out a scream of pain and let go of it. Then, she kicked the blade away and stabbed with her dagger——
        “Oh boy, I thought your skill would have slightly improved. What a pity…” Silver Bullet stabbed him in the left shoulder. His scream echoed through the air.
        “I can never beat my sister,” Copper Bullet thought.
        As he felt dejected, Qilin’s voice came to his ears. “What a fool! Don’t underestimate my power, and the bonding between us!”
        Then, Copper Bullet saw Qilin become smaller and smaller as its power flowed out.
        “Combine our strength and we shall be invincible.” It gradually lost its ability to fight in such a small size. In contrast, Copper Bullet had received an immense power that could suppress his sister.
        “I’m not alone, and I won’t lose, you freak!” He knocked Silver Bullet flying with just a kick. She crashed into the wall, causing numerous cracks.
        Pixiu wanted to help her, but it was immediately knocked down by a heavy punch. Copper Bullet picked up his blade and walked towards his sister, filling with bloodlust. However, a surge of guiltiness lingered in his heart when he saw Silver Bullet spit blood painfully.
        “She...she is my sister after all...I can’t do it.”
        “Hey, don’t just stand there! Get the target first!” Qilin urged him to take action after it regained its original form.
        “Right, our mission is the highest priority!” Then, he dragged the target out of the corner within a few seconds. At this moment, he sensed a danger from behind. Copper Bullet turned around and dodged a flying dagger in the nick of time——It’s Silver Bullet! She staggered along the road due to injuries and said, “You...should have killed me...The mercifulness in your heart will get you killed one day…”
        “You haven’t changed, sister...Looks like we just can’t get along well with each other...Take care of yourself. Qilin, let’s go!” At his command, Qilin broke open the wall and came.
        Then, Copper Bullet carried the target and ran towards the cave entrance. For a moment, he looked back and saw his sister cling to the wall and gaze at him. Her eyes were filled with complicated emotions, love, hate, etc. that he could never understand in his life. Soon, he had arrived at the forest to meet the client - the girl.
        Copper Bullet threw the target in front of the girl as soon as he saw her. Then, he placed his blade close to target’s neck.
        “Your daughter knows you killed her lover, and She has entrusted me to kill you. Any last words you wanna say?”
        “...Yes, I have sent someone to kill him...I regret.”
        “It’s too late to regret, don’t you think?”
        “Yes, too late indeed...I regret not killing him in person! You know, he has already married. He has son and daughter. That person doesn’t truly love my daughter! He just wants my money, and he deserves to die! You can hate me. I just don’t want him to hurt you.”
        “ it real? That person has married…” Feeling shocked, the girl said as she grabbed her father’s shoulders.
        “Little girl, I didn't tell you because I don’t want to break your heart...Well, I guess I failed. Hunter! Just kill me.”
        “Alright, I’ll make it quick!” As Copper Bullet raised the blade, the girl grabbed his hand in tears immediately.
        “No, I don’t want you to kill my father anymore. The mission is cancelled.” The girl helped his father up and sobbed, “I’m sorry father...I shouldn’t have trusted that guy…”
        “Sigh, it’s good to see you make peace with each other. Just remember you still need to pay me the bounty, okay?” Copper Bullet put the blade back, said his farewells and went back.
        “Kid, if I didn’t lend you the power, you would have failed this task. So, 80% of the bounty is mine,” Qilin said arrogantly as it came over. Copper Bullet was stiff for a while, then retorted, “Huh!? No way! I give you 40% share at most!”
        “40!? Are you kidding me? 60!”
        Then, both of them continued their journey while arguing with each other...

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