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★ TGS Event Stage『Time Rush』
Time: Jan 28 (Wed) - Feb 1 (Sun)

During the event, there will be a new daily challenge for Summoners. The stage will be one-day exclusive battle, 2 targets will be set for each day! Fabulous rewards will be awarded to the Summoner who completes the stage at the specified target time.

1st targeting time: 5 minutes
2nd targeting time: will be announced at 18:00, UTC+08 daily.

Rewards are as follows:
Each time when the stage is cleared, No. 280 Millennium Aqua SoulstoneNo. 281 Millennium Pyro SoulstoneNo. 282 Millennium Terra SoulstoneNo. 283 Millennium Light SoulstoneNo. 284 Millennium Shadow Soulstone "Great Soulstone" x1 (Random Attribute) will be awarded.
When the stage is cleared within the 1st targeting time each day, Soul.png x100 will be awarded.
When the stage is cleared within the 2nd targeting time each day, "Dragonary Crafts" will be awarded as follows:
Jan 28: Dragonary Crafts - Spiral Suspire Pattern x 1
Jan 29: Dragonary Crafts - Wooded Suspire Pattern x 1
Jan 30: Dragonary Crafts - Shadowy Suspire Spell x 1
Jan 31: Dragonary Crafts - Glittering Suspire Seal x 1
Feb 1: Dragonary Crafts - Molten Suspire Spell x 1

Points to note:

  1. Summoners can repeatedly challenge the event stage.
  2. Stage target finishing time will be announced at 18:00, UTC+08 each day on TOS Official Facebook Fan Page and In-Game announcement.
  3. Summoners can inquire their time of completion in "Rankings" located in event stage.
  4. All prizes will be distributed at the end of the event each day. Summoners can collect the prizes in "Community" -> "Reward" after re-logging into the game.
TGS Event Stage『Time Rush』