“Ahh...the gate!” Wimpy stumbled on the floor; and the gate was shutting like a sharp blade.

        In the nick of time, Copperfield took out an apple-sized ball from his pocket, and threw it at Wimpy. The ball bulged instantly and jammed the gate.

        Squeezing by the heavy gate, the ball kept leaking air and deflating quickly. As it was not able to hold any longer, Copperfield hurried Wimpy to take action. “Blow it, Wimpy! Blow air into it!”

        Scared half to death, Wimpy was desperate to blow the ball; and the rising gate was stuck again. Then, Copperfield and Tim dodged the other gates agilely and came over to get him out at once. When the cats were about to make it to the exit, they got caught in a shower.

        Plumpy landed from the sky with water drops. Following her arrival, a giant fish jumped out of water underneath the bridge and fell right in front of the cats.

        “Look! I just found this fish, big and fresh,” Plumpy said akimbo.

        Copperfield muttered to himself while looking at the fish, “what the heck is it? This fish can survive out of water...and it’s huge——”

        “Based on my calculation, it’s 40.77 times bigger than you.” Tim said as he walked towards Copperfield, pushing his glasses back up.

        “I’ve had enough of your two decimal places!”

        While he was complaining, the fish opened its mouth to attack. Copperfield kicked Tim away and did a forward roll skillfully to dodge the bite. “You’re really fresh! Perfect for sashimi,” he teased.

        He covered himself with a silver cloth, slickly avoided the gate and jumped back and forth in front of the giant fish quickly. His rapid movements looked exactly like a yummy sablefish in its eyes. The giant fish wriggled to chase Copperfield with its mouth wide open.

        “Let me present you a fresh sashimi!” The giant fish was no match for him in terms of speed. Copperfield did a few backflips to dodge several razor-sharp gates; the fish, however, failed to get away in time and got itself sliced into pieces.

        Copperfield threw off the cloth, showing a victorious pose, but surprisingly no one applauded for him. Wimpy picked up a doll in the pool of blood, trembling with fear. “This...this is Fist’s favourite cat doll…”

        “Oh yes. Fist and I were swallowed by the fish a moment ago. Strange...I got out, but where is he?” Plumpy looked around and did not notice that Copperfield was frozen with shock because of her words.

        “So Fist inside the fish all this time. But now that the fish has been sliced and so has he,” Tim deduced.

        “Sliced sliced sliced slice sliced…” Copperfield was petrified. He didn’t move a bit even when the crew dragged him or shouted at him.

        But the mission must go on and Tim made a hard decision. “He won’t listen to us anyway. Our first priority is Ali Baba. Let’s come back to Copperfield after we save him.”

        “Isn’t the sculpture heavy? Just let Copperfield keep it for you,” Plumpy suggested as she saw Tim holding the statue head all the time.

        Then, she put the statue on Copperfield’s head. “And Copperfield is safe now.”

        Tim and Wimpy looked at each other. Sometimes it was the straightforward Plumpy who could see the whole picture clear and solve the problem. The cats set out to find Ali Baba again. They all had a same thought, hoping that everyone stayed safe...

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