The Hermit of Noble Authority and Taotie harnessed the power of Gods and Demons together. All successors of the hermit were orphaned among wars. They held deep hatred for both Gods and Demons and were eager to vent it. They seeked power and pour it out on the two races together with their anger. The hermit refined its power through unique evil sorcery. He found that the pneuma dwelt within Taotie’s body was not concentrated enough that it was never fully utilized. Although he asked Loki, Taotie’s creator, for help, the evil deity disowned his creation. Instead of helping them, he taunted their weakness and sent his servants to fight them.

        This intensified the hermit’s hatred for both Gods and Demons so that, acting on an impulse, he joined the force of the nobles, slaughtering Demons and assassinating Gods on the battlefield. His desire to kill eventually made the hermit indifferent towards both friends and enemies... On their journey they were told by a zombie maker that there was a Soul Core which could help rebuild Taotie’s flow of pneuma, but she saw the Noctimetallic Dragon swallowed it. The hermit left the troop after hearing this and set out to find the legendary Soul Core. Together with Taotie, the hermit swore to kill the dragon.

        The two awakened the sleeping dragon but they were defeated every time they battled with it. The hermit was wounded badly but this mighty enemy triggered even stronger hatred in him. Ignoring his own safety, he transfused his evil pneuma into Taotie. But his power clashed with that of Taotie, leaving it with just the will to fight. The dragon fended off their attacks with ease but failed to diminish their will. There was a stalemate between them after numerous rounds of battles and days were no longer peaceful for the dragon.

        During a fierce long battle, the hermit cursed the Gods and Demons for bringing war upon the realm of men, but at the same time murmured about how he and Taotie were abandoned in the past. The Noctimetallic Dragon finally learned about the origin of their hatred. It decided to give them the Soul Core in order to purge the hermit of his demonic nature and to find peace for itself. Regaining his consciousness, the hermit no longer wanted to be tortured by hatred. He used himself as a medium and fused himself with Taotie while its pneuma was focused. The two became one, so that they could console each other.

        Since then, Taotie had perfect control over its power and the ascetics extolled “their” mightiness, praising them as “the Depraved Monarch”, and they were known as one of the “Five Venerated Wardens”.

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