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        I am completely exhausted after days of battles, but the war is yet to be ended. Beads of sweat keep going down my face, and I can’t figure out either I am sweating so much for that I’ve been burning myself out or the scorching fire around. In my eyes the soldiers of the Gods are all around and my mind begins to blur. I can see her waiting for me back in the court in a bundle of nerves...

        I gasp for air as hard as I can and I kneel on the ground feebly. It seems that my limbs no longer belong to me. I can see the enemies approaching, they might want to kill me in one go... I want to strike back so badly, I know I must resist, but I can’t even stand up...

        Maybe this is the best I can give, is it?

        I am sorry, Persephone... I can’t come back this time.

        The battlefield I am fighting in suddenly becomes a golden wheatfield, where beautiful Persephone is standing. Under the sunlight at dusk, her blonde hair looks more shiny than it usually does. Oh, this is the scene of our first encounter.

        I close my eyes in despair... So this is what death’s like. It’s not painful though, I just can’t let go of what I have. This is when the voice I miss so much pierces into my ears...

        “Don’t give up! The Armstrong I know will never be defeated so easily!”

        I open my eyes out of surprise to find Persephone standing beside me, waving her scythe to defeat the waves of enemies that keep rising in front of me.

        “How come... you are here...?”

        “Didn’t we promise that we will always be together? How can I leave you alone on the battlefield?”


        “I may seem weak. But once I take a battle seriously, I’m afraid that you’ll be no match for me as well.”

        I sigh and smile. There’s never an argument I can win if she’s the one I’m arguing with.

        “Can you treat my wounds? Let’s get outta here.”

        “What do you think I’m here for?”

        A stream of power flows through my body from my shoulder. I raise my hands, gathering the fire elements and my power bit by bit. When I look at Persephone, I find that she happens to be looking at me as well, so we smile together. I know, as long as we stay beside each other, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.