A little cat found a beautiful lake. She did not tell her friends and settled there alone. The beautiful, crystal-clear water was her favorite. The dew was like gems brilliantly shining under the sunlight. Water was the life of everything. It was a treasure which could be drunk into the body. Seemingly inspired by it, the cat walked into the lake one day. The ice-cold water made her shiver, but, at the same time, she could feel a power flowing into her body. The excitement brought by the chilliness of the power drove her forward.

        The little cat lived away from the others. She absorbed energy at the lake every day and she gradually became different from the others. Her body lengthened; shoulders widen... She became a semi-human. That day, she tried to suppress the nervousness, and dived into the lake using her lengthened limbs. She saw a piece of large piece of jade drifting at the bottom of the lake. The power inside her body pulled her closer to the gem. The cat held it tightly. A familiar warmth flowed into her body...

        When Tefnut opened her eyes, the lake was completely dried up. Tefnut was amazed. Her brain was filled with language and knowledge; the power filled up her body like flowing water. The gem shrank into the size of an orange, and she held it in her hand.

        “Tef - ” When she spoke, she was scared by her own voice. “Tefnut? Is that my name?”

        The gem did not reply. As Tefnut giggled, the air became cooler because of it. Tefnut had inherited the power of dews, and the ancient name given by the power. She followed the guidance of mist and travelled to somewhere far away, where her companions, who were also nurtured by Ancestral Elements, were present.

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