Water splashed on the face of a refugee. Lying on the ground, he woke up. He wiped his face with both hands and tried his very best to nourish himself with the moisture.

        “Water... Give me more... ” Water splashed on the refugee’s face like raindrops which only fell on him. The refugee just managed to open his eyes. He saw a werecat crouching next to him. Standing behind the werecat were two figures.

        “Are you feeling better? Can you hear me?”

        “Are you an elf? Please let me follow you! You can treat me as a slave, please!”

        The refugee stretched out his hands to grab the werecat’s leg, but a gust of wind pressed him on the ground.

        “Shu, release him. This person means no harm-”


        The pressure of air pressing down onto the man did not stop until Shu heard the werecat’s blames. However, the man was already exhausted. stretching out his hand had already used up all his strength. His heart filled with desperation, he was too feeble to shed even a drop of tear.

        “Please... Save me... save us - ”

        “Tefnut, he’s dead.” Ra tapped Tefnut’s shoulder. Tefnut nodded, but she did not intend to stand up. Shu dug a hole on the sand with his claw. Tefnut then stood up and put the corpse into the hole.

        “Then where are we going?” Ra pushed up his mask. “Shu, have you seen any city on the sky?”

        “There are only ruins. They have destructed the area.” Shu had just buried the body.

        “Deserted lands are everywhere... Do they hate the world this much?” Tefnut asked doubtfully.

        “They just don’t like the world where ‘the others’ are here... Tefnut, it’s dry here, right?”

        “I have given him the last bit of water here just now.”

        ”Let’s leave.”

        Shu crouched down to let Tefnut ride on him. They were flying above the clouds. Tefnut pushed away the moisture, so that Shu could soar freely.

        One time, Tefnut hid in the shrine in order to avoid hunters. Because of that, she had met Shu and Seth, the two dragons guarding a treasure. She told the green dragon about the forest and people. As a result, Shu began dreaming about the world outside. Eventually, the two began going on a journey together. On the way, they were accompanied by Ra, who could also manipulate the power of Ancestral Elements. The three travelled through the land together. She was also influenced by Ra. Because of it, she decided to create an ideal Utopia.

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