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        Rebellious spiritual beasts had stolen some of the Ancestral Elements, so the arrogant Shu cursed them with his anger. Believing that he was hurt, he disregarded the lives of those beasts. She had tried explaining to Shu, but the angry Shu was stubborn. He isolated himself inside the shrine and released his anger to the sky. The clouds were carried off and raindrops cannot condense. The dry wind cracked the earth. The Utopia for spiritual beasts was turned into a desert gradually. The beasts competed with one another for resources. Fractured tribes fought against each other...

        “Utopia has never existed.”

        Tefnut stood at the top of the shrine, looking down at how the beasts prepared for battle. The lion ordered the cubs in the tribe to stab through the imaginary enemies at full strength. Tefnut could now understand why they could treat their friends in the past as enemies. Why couldn’t they strive for survival together?

        “What are your claws for? Slash properly!” roared the lion. What are my claws for? Tefnut had never thought about this question. She was just creating spiritual beasts in her image. Although the beasts were intelligent, there were claws on their paws. They were still experiencing a life which followed the law of the jungle... The Ancestral Elements never intended to grant everything with immortality.

        “Ra, we have been wrong. How would immortals like us understand the needs of lives?”

        Tefnut raised her scepter. She exhausted her own strength to hold a small white cloud. When the wind stopped for an instant, Tefnut activated all the elements within her body. Her body turned aqua-blue -

        ‘Only through animality can you get to the treasures of lives.’

        Tefnut splitted into numerous cats of water elements. “They” leapt to the sky and pulled down the cloud. They cuddled the cotton-like white cloud and squeezed it with their delicate limbs. The mist condensed and fell down as raindrops.

        The spiritual beasts burst into cheers. It had been a long time since the last time it rained. They were busy collecting the rainwater, while praising Tefnut in gratitude.