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This template is used to display a Dragonary Crafts' information. It should be added to templates with the name Template:DC## where # is the Craft's ID number.

Template Syntax

|name = 
|cnName = 
|attr = 
|rare = 
|id = 
|display = No. 
|race = 
|card = (comma separated list of cards)
|statsBonus = (HP, Attack, Recovery)
|lvMax = 

|mode = 
|charge = 
|skill1 = 
|skill2 = 
|skill3 = 

|source = 
|stage = 
|notes = 

[[Category:Craft Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
|name = Aggressive Timely Spell
|cnName = 攻之愈時龍咒
|attr = 
|rare = 3
|id = 14
|display = No. 14
|race = Demon
|lvMax = 3

|mode = 3
|charge = Launching Attacks
|skill1 = Demon Attack increases by 20% for 1 Round
|skill2 = 1 random Demon Members reduces Skill CD by 2
|skill3 = Team Attack increases by 20% for 1 Round

|source = 
|stage = 
|notes = 

[[Category:Craft Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>


nameCard Name
cnNameChinese Name
attrAttribute Limit (if applicable)
idID number
displaythe in-game display of id number
raceRace Limit (if applicable)
modeCompulsion Mode
chargeCharge Up
skill1Skill 1
skill2Skill 2 (if applicable)
skill3Skill 3 (if applicable)
sourceOther card sources (Special seal, etc)
stageLocations where DC can drop
notesRemarks about this card

Page Use Samples

Icon Display

{{DC##|optional size}}

Gallery Display

This display is used on a craft's individual page. Pages should be titled after craft's exact name. Individual pages should contain only this template :


Here is an example : Successive Timely Pattern

Utility Templates

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