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This template is used on stages enemy skills input code.


{{esk|<1/name>|<2/desc>|<3/when applicable>}}

Race Paramaters:   Beast    Human    Elf    God    Demon    Dragon
Attr Paramaters:   Water    Fire    Earth    Light    Dark


Enemy Skill Menu
Stage Conditions Rounds Limit
Damages Multiple Atk · Firsts Strike Atk · HP Poison · HP Foul · HP Reduction · HP Hellfire · HP Bomb · HP Cinque
Shields Summon Shield · Enchanted Shield · Stealth Shield · Team Shield · Combo Shield · Withered Shield · Switching Shield · Orb Shield · Marred Hindrance Shield · Cumulative Shield · Fusion Shield
Controls Lockdown · CD Reset · CD Restores · HP Restore · Determination · Recovery · Phantom · Enfeeble · Precise Attack · Neutralized CD Reset
Race & Attribute Racism · RA Shield · Race CD Reset · RA Lock · Intimidation · Hostility
Runes Time Limit · Blocked Rune · Conversion Rune · Masked Rune · Frozen Rune · Weathered Rune · Burn Rune · Sticky Rune · Shot Rune · Lock Rune · Transm Rune · Enchanted Rune
Specials Common · Life Hack · Trojan · Combined Skills · Other Skills
Notes: All un-category skill will listed at "Other Skills"

Stage Conditions

Rounds Limit

{{esk|RL|50}}RoundLimit 50 Round Limit


Multiple Atk

{{esk|atk2}} SI167 Double Attack
{{esk|atk2|ex=1}} SI167SI224 Double Attack · Death Masked
{{esk|atk3}} SI167 Triple Attack

Firsts Strike Atk

{{esk|firsts}} SI160 First Strike
{{esk|firsts|T|3}} SI165 First Strike · Waning Time (3)
{{esk|firsts|H}} SI218 First Lock · Heart
{{esk|firsts|WH}} SI232 First Lock · Water & Heart
{{esk|firsts|freeze|(2)}} SI219 Freezing Ambush
{{esk|firsts|kamikaze}} SI160 Kamikaze Ambush
{{esk|firsts|burn|(2)}} SI229 Burning Ambush

HP Poison

{{esk|poison|#}} SI135 Poison 10%
{{esk|poison|delay|#|#}} SI162 Delayed Poison 30% ‧ 5

HP Foul

{{esk|foul}} SI161 Foul Play
{{esk|foul|block}} SI189 Foul Block

HP Reduction

{{esk|hpreduce|#}} SI127 40% HP Reduction
{{esk|hpreduce|100}} SI132 100% HP Reduction
{{esk|hpreduce|sp|#|#}} SI256 HP Reduction 50/1% SP
{{esk|hpreduce|trojan|#}} SI139SI188 HP Trojan Reduction 10%
{{esk|hpreduce|masked|#}} 25pxSI224 HP Reduction 10% · Death Masked

HP Hellfire

{{esk|hellfire|#}} SI216 Hellfire 500
{{esk|hellfire|ex|#}} SI216 Hellfire EX 2000

HP Bomb

{{esk|dbomb|#|W}} SI168 Death Blow 5000
{{esk|dbomb|#|A}} SI168 Active Death Blow 5000
{{esk|dbomb|#|L}} SI168 Leader Death Blow 5000
{{esk|dbomb|#}} SI168 Death Bomb 5000
{{esk|dbomb|#|ex}} SI168 Death Bomb EX 10000
{{esk|dbomb|P}} SI168 Death Play EX
{{esk|albomb|<attr>}} SI168 Fire Locked Bomb ‧ 20% HP Reduction

HP Cinque

{{esk|cinque|#}} SI162 Cinque Reduction 10%
{{esk|cinque|burn|#}} SI283 Burn Trail Cinque 20%
{{esk|cinque|time|#}} SI283 Waning Cinque 25%


{{esk|morale|damage|recovery}} SI188SI212 Morale x3 ‧ Life Hack


Summon Shield

{{esk|summon}} SI164 Summon Shield
{{esk|summon|B}} SI164SI168 Summoned Bombs
{{esk|summon|2}} SI164SI165 2 Second Summon Shield

Enchanted Shield

{{esk|eshield}} SI254 Enchanted Shield
{{esk|eshield|ex}} SI254 Enchanted Shield EX
{{esk|eshield|M|(25/50/blank)}} SI254 Mirror Shield
{{esk|eshield|D|#}} SI254 Drain Shield 20%
{{esk|eshield|H|(5 or 10)}} SI254 Restoral Shield 10%
{{esk|eshield|RE}} SI230 Reverse Enchanted Shield
{{esk|eshield|RE|25}} SI231 Reverse Enchanted Shield (25%)

Stealth Shield

{{esk|stealth}} SI250 Stealth
{{esk|stealth|foul}} SI250 Stealth Foul
{{esk|stealth|lock}} SI250SI122 Stealth Lock
{{esk|stealth|mine}} SI250SI221 Stealth Mines
{{esk|stealth|recov}} SI250SI215 Stealth Recovery Lock

Team Shield

{{esk|single}} SI257 Single Shield
{{esk|full}} SI257 Full Shield
{{esk|active}} SI257 Active Shield
{{esk|tumbler|#}} SI257 Tumbler 20%

Combo Shield

{{esk|combo|#}} SI095 5 Combo Shield
{{esk|combo|#|ex}} SI094 4 Combo Shield EX
{{esk|plus|#}} SI101 3+ Combo Shield
{{esk|plus|#|ex}} SI105 7+ Combo Shield EX
{{esk|minus|#}} SI099 5- Combo Shield
{{esk|combo|pente|#}} SI103 Pente 5+ Combo Shield
{{esk|combo|human}} SI105 7+ Combo Shield · Human Disparity

Puzzle Shield

{{esk|puzzle}} SI181 Puzzle Shield
{{esk|puzzle|ex=x}} SI181 Puzzle Shield EX
{{esk|puzzle|big=x}} SI181 Big Puzzle Shield
{{esk|puzzle|en=x}} SI181 E-Puzzle Shield

Withered Shield

{{esk|withersh|#}} SI217SI221 Withered Shield 20%
{{esk|withersh|trojan}} SI217SI221SI188 Withered Trojan Shield

Switching Shield

{{esk|switch}} SI048 Switching Shield
{{esk|switch|bin}} SI048 Switching Shield (Binary)
{{esk|switch|sp|#}} SI049 Switching Shield SP (LD)
{{esk|switch|phantom}} SI250SI049 3 Round Phantom · 25% Switching Shield

Orb Shield

{{esk|orbshield}} SI110 Orb Shield
{{esk|orbshield|H}} SI110 Hidden Orb Shield
{{esk|orbshield|H|ex}} SI110 Hidden Orb Shield EX

Marred Hindrance Shield

{{esk|marred}} SI256 Marred Hindrance
{{esk|marred|ex=1}} SI256 Marred Hindrance EX
{{esk|marred|50}} SI256 Marred Hindrance
{{esk|marred|act}} SI256 Active Marred Hindrance

Cumulative Shield

{{esk|cshield|#}} SI250 15 Cumulative Shield
{{esk|cshield|#|w}} SI250 50 Cumulative Weakness Shield
{{esk|cshield|#|ex}} SI250SI196 30 Cumulative Shield EX
{{esk|cshield|#|w|trojanatk}} SI250SI188 15 Cumulative Weakness Shield · Trojan Attack

Fusion Shield

{{esk|fusion}} SI244 Fusion Shield (Quint)
{{esk|fusion|LD}} SI241 Fusion Shield (LD)
{{esk|fusion|LD|ex}} SI241 Fusion Shield EX (LD)
{{esk|fusion|WFE}} SI242 Fusion Shield (WFE)
{{esk|fusion|WFE|ex}} SI242 Fusion Shield EX (WFE)
{{esk|fusion|3}} SI242 Fusion Shield (Trio)
{{esk|fusion|4}} SI243 Fusion Shield (Quad)
{{esk|fusion|en}} SI248 E-Fusion Shield (Quint)
{{esk|fusion|en|LD}} SI245 E-Fusion Shield (LD)
{{esk|fusion|en|WFE}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (WFE)
{{esk|fusion|en|2}} SI245 E-Fusion Shield (Duo)
{{esk|fusion|en|3}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (Trio)
{{esk|fusion|en|4}} SI247 E-Fusion Shield (Quad)
{{esk|fusion|enP|FEW}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (W+FE)
{{esk|fusion|enP|WEF}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (F+WE)
{{esk|fusion|enP|EWF}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (E+WF)
{{esk|fusion|enP|DL}} SI245 E-Fusion Shield (L+D)
{{esk|fusion|enP|LD}} SI245 E-Fusion Shield (D+L)
{{esk|fusion|enP|WFL}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (L+WF)
{{esk|fusion|enP|WEL}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (L+WE)
{{esk|fusion|enP|EFL}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (L+EF)
{{esk|fusion|enP|WFD}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (D+WF)
{{esk|fusion|enP|FED}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (D+FE)
{{esk|fusion|enP|EFD}} SI246 E-Fusion Shield (D+EF)
{{esk|fusion|dmg|#|(4 if needed)}} SI244 Fusion Shield 1000 (Quint)
{{esk|fusion|heal|10/20|3/4}} SI243 Fusion Restoral 10% (Quad)
{{esk|fusion|dragon}} SI242 Fusion Shield · E-Dragon (WFE)



{{esk|lockdown}} SI122 Lockdown
{{esk|lockdown|W}} SI122 Weak Lockdown
{{esk|lockdown|24}} SI122 Lockdown (2-4)
{{esk|lockdown|36}} SI122 Lockdown (3-6)
{{esk|lockdown|sp}} SI189 Lockdown SP ()
{{esk|lockdown|rp}} SI122 Repeated Lockdown
{{esk|lockdown|rp|trojan}} SI122SI188 Repeated Lockdown  · Trojan Attack
{{esk|dupdem}} SI122SI169 Duplicate Demotion
{{esk|dupdem|trojan}} SI122SI169 Duplicate Demotion ‧ Trojan

CD Reset

{{esk|cdreset}} SI121 CD Reset
{{esk|cdreset|#}} SI121 CD Reset(2)

CD Restores

{{esk|cdrestore}} SI125 CD Restore
{{esk|cdrestore|#}} SI125 CD Restore (3)

HP Restore

{{esk|hprestore|#}} SI214 HP Restore 3000
{{esk|hprestore|#|#}} SI214 HP Restore 3000 (2)


{{esk|determ|#}} SI255 Determination 20%
{{esk|determ|#|rest}} SI255 Restoring Determination ×5
{{esk|uncondeter|#%|#x}} SI124SI261 Uncontrollable Determination 40% ‧ x1.5
{{esk|uncondeter|#%|#x|phantom}} SI124SI261SI251 Uncontrollable Phantom Determination 40% ‧ x2
{{esk|uncondeter|#%|#x|ex}} SI124SI261SI167 Uncontrollable Determination EX 40% ‧ x3


{{esk|reclock}} SI156 Recovery Lock
{{esk|reclock|F=x}} SI156 Early Recovery Lock · 3
{{esk|reclock|D=x}} SI156 Late Recovery Lock · 3
{{esk|recreduce|#}} SI233 Recovery Reduction (3)


{{esk|phantom}} SI251 Phantom
{{esk|phantom|ex}} SI251SI124 Super Shield
{{esk|phantom|#}} SI251 Phantom (5)
{{esk|phantom|masked}} SI251SI224 Phantom ‧ Death Mask


{{esk|enfeeble|#}} SI158 90% Enfeeble
{{esk|enfeeble|#|F}} SI158 Early 50% Enfeeble · 3
{{esk|enfeeble|#|D}} SI158 Late 50% Enfeeble · 3
{{esk|atrenfeeble|#}} SI336 Water Enfeeble 50%
{{esk|atrenfeeble|#|contra}} SI337 Non-Fire Enfeeble 50%

Precise Attack

{{esk|precise}} SI276 Precise Attack
{{esk|precise|ex}} SI276 Precise Attack EX


{{esk|uncontrol}} SI124 Uncontrollable
{{esk|uncondmaskshield}} SI124SI253SI224 Uncontrollable Masked Shield
{{esk|uncondmaskshield|ex}} SI250SI224SI124 Uncontrollable Masked Shield EX

Neutralized CD Reset

{{esk|neutcdreset}} SI121SI124 Neutralized CD Reset
{{esk|neutcdreset|phantom}} SI123SI121SI251 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Phantom
{{esk|neutcdreset|2sec}} SI123SI121SI165 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ 2 Second Round
{{esk|neutcdreset|weatheredmines}} SI123SI121SI221 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Weathered Mines
{{esk|neutcdreset|trojanattack}} SI123SI121SI188 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Trojan Attack
{{esk|neutcdreset|trojan}} SI123SI121SI188 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Trojan
{{esk|neutcdreset|reflect}} SI123SI121SI260 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Reflect 15%
{{esk|neutcdreset|phantomshield}} SI123SI254 Neutralized CD Reset ‧ Phantom Shield

Race & Attribute


{{esk|raceatk|race}} SI068 Demon Racism
{{esk|noraceatk|race}} SI157 Non-Demon Racism

RA Shield

{{esk|racedef|race}} SI078 50% Elf Shield
{{esk|racedef|race|ex}} SI347SI122 80% Elf Shield EX
{{esk|rshield|race|#}} SI061 75% Non-God Shield
{{esk|atrshield|attr|#}} SI001 Water Shield 25%
{{esk|atrshield|attr|sp}} SI005 Dark Shield 25%

Race CD Reset

{{esk|cdresetR|race}} SI121 Non-Dragon CD Reset
{{esk|cdresetR2|race}} SI121 Elf CD Reset

RA Lock

{{esk|raskill|race}} Skill:Skill Lock
{{esk|atrskill|attr}} Skill:Skill Lock


{{esk|intim|attr/race}} SI158 Light Intimidation
{{esk|intim|DA}} SI158 Diverse Intimidation


{{esk|hostile}} SI188 Hostility
{{esk|hostile|sp}} SI188 Hostility SP
{{esk|hostile|attr}} SI157 Attribute Hostility
{{esk|hostile|attr|ex}} SI157 Attribute Hostility EX
{{esk|hostile|attr|sp}} SI157 Attribute Hostility SP
{{esk|hostile|race}} SI157 Race Hostility
{{esk|hostile|race|ex}} SI157 Race Hostility EX
{{esk|hostile|race|sp}} SI157 Race Hostility SP


Time Limit

{{esk|2sec}} SI165 2 Second Round
{{esk|time|#}} SI166 10 Second Round
{{esk|time|combo|#}} SI166SI105 +3 Second Combo (7+)
{{esk|time|wane|#}} SI165 1 Second Waning Time · 3-5
{{esk|time|wane|2|#)}} SI165 2 Seconds Waning Time · 4
{{esk|time|wane|2|#|D=1}} SI165 2 Seconds Waning Time Defeat · 3
{{esk|time|wane|2|#|A=1}} SI165 2 Seconds Waning Time Damage · 98

Block Rune

{{esk|hblock}} SI156 Heart Block
{{esk|pente|attr}} SI042 Pente Block (Dark)
{{esk|blockru}} SI223 Blocked Runes
{{esk|eblock}} SI230 Enchanted Block

Conversion Rune

{{esk|revol}} SI046 Revolution
{{esk|revol|#}} SI046 Revolution (2)
{{esk|conver|W}} SI011 Curing Conversion
{{esk|conver|F}} SI012 Renegade Conversion
{{esk|conver|E}} SI013 Time Conversion
{{esk|conversion|attr}} SI047 Conversion (Water)
{{esk|conversion|attr|S}} SI047 Superior Conversion (Fire)
{{esk|conversion|attr|H}} SI047 Healing Conversion (Light)
{{esk|conversion|attr|R}} SI047 Reverse Conversion (Earth)
{{esk|conver|attr}} SI015 Random Conversion (Dark)
{{esk|conver|attr|freeze=2}} SI014SI219 Random Conversion (Light) ‧ Dual Freeze
{{esk|conver|attr|#}} SI015 Random Conversion (Dark ‧ 4)
{{esk|conver|row|attr}} SI013 Row Conversion (Earth)
{{esk|conver|wall|attr}} SI014 Wall Conversion (Light)
{{esk|conversion|attr|B}} SI189 Board Conversion (Earth)
{{esk|conver|inout|attr}} SI032 Inside Out Conversion (Fire)
{{esk|conver|plus|attr}} SI033 Plus Conversion (Earth)
{{esk|conver|rowcol|attr}} SI034 Row/Column Conversion (Light)
{{esk|conver|rowcol|attr|masked=1}} SI034SI224 Row/Column Conversion (Light) ‧ Death Mask
{{esk|conver|rowcol|attr|firsts=1}} SI160SI011 Row/Column Conversion (Water) ‧ First Strike
{{esk|conver|rowcol|attr|eshield=1}} SI254SI011 Row/Column Conversion (Water) ‧ Enchanted Shield
{{esk|conver|rowcol|attr|eshieldfscnv=1}} SI254SI160SI011 Row/Column Conversion (Water) ‧ First Strike ‧ Enchanted Shield
{{esk|ficonver|#}} SI219SI229 Fire & Ice Conversion (10%)

Masked Rune

{{esk|masked|D}} SI224 Death Mask
{{esk|masked|B}} SI224 Masked Board
{{esk|masked|trail|#}} SI224 Masked Trail (6)
{{esk|masked|%|#}} SI224 Masked Runes 3 ‧ 15%
{{esk|masked|fixed|%}} SI224 Fixed Masked Runes ‧ 15%
{{esk|masked|random|#}} SI224 Randomly Masked Runes (2)
{{esk|masked|%|#|race|#}} SI224 Masked Runes 9 ‧ God 12 ‧ 15%
{{esk|masked|eshield|#|%|#}} SI224 6 Masked Runes 5 ‧10% ‧ Enchanted Shield

Frozen Rune

{{esk|frozen}} SI219 Freeze
{{esk|frozen|2}} SI219 Dual Freeze
{{esk|frozen|3}} SI219 Triple Freeze
{{esk|frozen|4}} SI219 Quadruple Freeze
{{esk|frozen|ambush}} SI219 Frozen Ambush
{{esk|frozen|ambush|ex}} SI219 Frozen Ambush  EX
{{esk|frozen|B}} SI219 Frozen Board
{{esk|frigid}} SI220 Frigid Runes
{{esk|frigid|ex}} SI220 Frigid Runes EX
{{esk|frigid|B}} SI220 Frigid Board
{{esk|frigid|B|ex}} SI220 Frigid Board EX
{{esk|frigid|block}} SI220 Frigid Block

Weathered Rune

{{esk|weathered}} SI221 Weathered Runes
{{esk|weathered|R=x}} SI221 Weathered Runes · Moving
{{esk|weathered|ex=x}} SI221 Weathered Runes EX
{{esk|weathered|M=x}} SI221 Weathered Mines
{{esk|weathered|M=x|D=x}} SI221 Dual Weathered Mines
{{esk|weathered|M=x|T=x}} SI221 Triple Weathered Mines
{{esk|weathered|M=x|R=x}} SI221 Weathered Mines · Moving
{{esk|weathered|M=x|ex=x}} SI221 Weathered Mines EX
{{esk|weathered|attack}} SI221 Weathered Attack
{{esk|weathered|tumbler}} SI125SI222 Weathered Tumbler Mines
{{esk|weathered|Demon}} SI221 Weathered Mines EX · Demon Triple
{{esk|weathered|trojan}} SI217SI221SI188 Weathered Overheal Trojan

Burn Rune

{{esk|burn}} SI229 Burn ‧ 10%
{{esk|burn|2}} SI229 Dual Burn ‧ 10%
{{esk|burn|atk}} SI229 Dual Attack Burn ‧ 10%
{{esk|burn|ex}} SI229 Burn EX
{{esk|burn|ex|2}} SI229 Burn EX  ‧ 2
{{esk|burn|trail|#}} SI229 Burn Trail 1000
{{esk|burn|wall}} SI229 Burn Wall ‧ Random

Sticky Rune

{{esk|sticky}} SI228 Sticky
{{esk|sticky|2}} SI228 Dual Sticky
{{esk|sticky|trail}} SI228 Sticky Trail
{{esk|sticky|trail|ex}} SI228 Sticky Trail EX
{{esk|sticky|elf}} SI228 Sticky Trail · Elf EX

Shot Rune

{{esk|shot|(T or B)}} SI225 Lateral Shot
{{esk|shot|wall|(L or R)}} SI225 Wall Shot
{{esk|shot|dbl}} SI225 Double Shot

Lock Rune

{{esk|weaken|#}} SI277 Weakened
{{esk|weaken|atk=1}} SI277 Weakened EX
{{esk|lockru}} SI232 Locked Runes
{{esk|heartlock|#}} SI218 Heart Lock 10%
{{esk|heartlock|RE|#}} SI218 Reverse Heart Lock 50%
{{esk|heartlock|attr}} SI218 Attribute Heart Lock
{{esk|heartlock|weak|{attr}}} SI232 Weak Heart and {attr} Lock Attack
{{esk|heartlock|weak|{attr}|E=1}} SI232SI254 Weak Heart and {attr} Lock Attack  · Enchanted Shield
{{esk|heartlock|fixed}} SI218 Fixed Heart Lock
{{esk|heartlock|board}} SI232 Board and Heart Lock
{{esk|heartlock|board|phantom}} SI251SI232 Board and Heart Lock · Phantom
{{esk|revita}} SI273 Revitalized Recovery

Transm Rune

{{esk|transmog}} SI227 Transmogrify
{{esk|transmog|heart}} SI227 Transmogrify · Heart
{{esk|transmog|enemy}} SI227 Transmogrify · Enemy
{{esk|transmute|#}} SI227 Transmute

Enchanted Rune

{{esk|enru}} SI235 Late Enchanted Runes
{{esk|enru|ex=x}} SI235 Late Enchanted Runes · CD Restore



{{esk|symbiosis}} SI163 Symbiosis
{{esk|bestow}} SI163 Bestowment

Life Hack

{{esk|rage}} SI216 Rage
{{esk|lifehack|aegis}} SI158SI212 Aegis Hack
{{esk|lifehack}} SI212 Life Hack
{{esk|lifehack|ex}} SI212 Life Hack EX
{{esk|lifehack|trojan}} SI188SI212 Trojan Hack


{{esk|crescendo}} SI188 Crescendo
{{esk|crescendo|ex=x}} SI188 Crescendo EX
{{esk|trojan}} SI188 Trojan
{{esk|trojan|ex}} SI188 Trojan EX
{{esk|trojan|fort}} SI188 Trojan Fort EX
{{esk|trojan|time}} SI188 Trojan Time
{{esk|trojan|atk}} SI188 Trojan Attack
{{esk|trojan|atk|ner}} SI188SI218 Trojan Attack · non-Enchanted Recovery
{{esk|trojan|atk|uncontrol}} SI124SI188 Uncontrollable Trojan Attack
{{esk|trojan|combo|#}} SI188 Trojan Combo (7)
{{esk|uncfury}} SI188 Uncontrollable Fury
{{esk|trojan|masked}} SI188SI224 Trojan EX · Death Masked
{{esk|trojan|cum}} SI188SI250 Trojan Attack · 15 Cumulative Weakness Shield

Combined Skills

{{esk|neutmask}} SI124SI224SI188 Neutralized Sextuple Mask
{{esk|eshieldshotlock}} SI189 Enchanted Shot Lock Shield
{{esk|wanephan}} SI167SI251 Pente Waning · Double Phantom Attack
{{esk|neutralLD}} SI123SI112 Neutralized LD Combo Shield
{{esk|reduceWE}} SI139SI111 Reduction WE Combo Shield
{{esk|weatherlockED}} SI003SI005SI122 ED Shield · Weathered Lockdown
{{esk|frznreduc}} SI158SI219 Frozen Phantom Cinque Reduction
{{esk|reflectWE}} SI260SI001SI003 Reflecting WE Shield
{{esk|initialpsnlck}} SI259SI188 Initial Trojan · Poison Lockdown
{{esk|penphanburn}} SI050SI251SI229 Pente FD Shield · Phantom Burn
{{esk|trojatk2conv}} SI188SI047 Foul Trojan Double Attack · FD Conversion
{{esk|trojatk2lconv}} SI054SI253SI167 Trojan Double Attack · Light Conversion
{{esk|trojatk2lconv|ex}} SI054SI253SI167 Trojan Double Attack · Light Conversion EX
{{esk|trojewcon}} SI047SI188 Trojan EW Conversion
{{esk|attlockconv|#|attr}} SI169SI013 Attack Lock Conversion (Earth)
{{esk|neutweathrev}} SI250SI046SI221 Neutralized Weathered Revolution Shield
{{esk|neutweathrev|ex}} SI250SI046SI221 Neutralized Weathered Revolution Shield EX
{{esk|fsbtcombo}} SI160SI105 Burning Trail Ambush ‧ 7+ Combo Shield EX
{{esk|edresetewcon}} SI254SI121SI011 ED Reset ‧ Enchanted ‧ Plus Conversion Water
{{esk|2secdualfreeze}} SI165SI219 2 Second Round ‧ Dual Freeze
{{esk|waninginoutwater}} SI165SI253SI011 Tria Waning ‧ Inside Out Water Shield Restoral
{{esk|gdlockreducmask}} SI122SI139SI224 GD Lockdown ‧ HP Reduction Trojan Attack ‧ Masked Trail (9)
{{esk|ldtrojan}} SI004SI005SI188 LD Shield · Trojan EX
{{esk|weekenswit}} SI254 Weakness Enchanted Switching Shield
{{esk|ldact}} SI056SI216SI257 LD Curing Reduction · Rage · Active Shield

Other Skills

{{esk|reflect|#}} SI260 Reflect 10%
{{esk|deadline}} SI134 6 Round Deadline
{{esk|karma|#|#}} SI168SI251 Karmic Rebound 20%/80%
{{esk|termin|#}} SI105SI132 7+ Terminus Combo
{{esk|initial}} SI250 Initial Shield
{{esk|hitshield|#}} SI250 15 Hit Shield
{{esk|runesh|attr|#}} SI033 5 Earth Rune Shield
{{esk|overheal}} SI217 Overheal Shield
{{esk|synth|#}} SI244 Synthesis Shield (Quint)
{{esk|fireice}} SI001SI002SI122 Fire & Ice Block
{{esk|osmose}} SI211 Osmose
{{esk|tophitshield}} SI261 Top Hit Shield
{{esk|commute}} SI124 Commute
{{esk|usurper}} SI160 Usurper
{{esk|vital|attr/race}} SI256 Beast Vitality Shield
{{esk|cdrestoreR|race}} SI125 God CD Restore
{{esk|noatratk|attr}} SI157 Non-Earth Aversion
{{esk|mono}} SI226 Monochrome Runes
{{esk|mono|trail}} SI215 Monochrome Trail
{{esk|mono|trail|ex}} SI215 Monochrome Trail EX
{{esk|shroud}} SI227 Shrouded Runes
{{esk|shroud|E=1}} SI254SI227 Enchanted Shrouded Runes
{{esk|shroud|E=1|W=1}} SI254SI227SI221 Enchanted Weathered Shrouded Runes
{{esk|elec|#}} SI236 Electrified Runes (2)
{{esk|elec|gdtrojan}} SI236 3 Round GD Lockdown · Electrified Trojan
{{esk|kamikaze|#}} SI161 Kamikaze 20%
{{esk|energize}} SI138 Energize
{{esk|energize|reset}} SI140 Energize Reset


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