This template is used to display the main slider gallery in the homepage, which displays the latest weekly "Celebration Events".

The update the slider contents, go to CEvents/Data and append the new items to the end of array.

The current format uses the following form of the gallery tag, where its items has been replaced by a call to slider function of the CEvents module.


To adjust the number of items displayed in the slider, change the number parameter in the lua invoke, which is currently set to 4.

For reference, the (old) format for the gallery is as below:

<gallery type="slider" orientation="center">
Example1.jpg|Description1|linktext=Celebration Events Info|link=link1
Example2.jpg|Description2|linktext=Celebration Events Info|link=link2
Example3.jpg|Description3|linktext=Celebration Events Info|link=link3
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