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This template is used to define a skill's information. It should be added to templates with the name Template:x where x is the name of the skill.

Template Syntax

|name =
|cnName =
|type =
|effect =
|turn/turnEP =
|minTurn/minTurnEP =
|lv =
|locLeft = 
|locEnemy = 
|locCard = 
|petL =
|amelL =
|teamL =
|pet1 =
|pet2 =
|notes =
[[Category:Skill Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>


typeSkill Type (skill for Active Skills, lskill for Leader Skills, cskill for Combine Skill)
idInternal Skill ID
nameCard Name
cnNameChinese Name (links to Chinese Wiki)
turn/turnEPBeginning Cool Down/Energy Points (at skill level 1)
minTurn/minTurnEPMin CD/EP (at max skill level)
effectEffect description
petLComma separated list of cards with the skill
amelLComma separated list of cards with the skill via Amelioration
teamLComma separated list of cards with the skill via Team Skill
pet1Main card(s) for Combine skill
pet2Cards that can be used to form the Combine Skill
lvCard level requirements (for Combine Skill) - defaults to 50
locLeft/locEnemy/locCardLocation of the skill/buff (left/enemy/card)
notesAdditional info
Below parameters are being phased out
petCards with the skill (use of petL is preferred)
amelCards with the skill via Amelioration (use of amelL is preferred)
cpetCards with skill via Team Passive Skill (use of teamL is preferred)


|type = lskill
|id = 1
|name = Power of the Ocean
|cnName = 海之力
|effect = Water Attack x 1.5
|petL = 001,002,176,177,241,246,251,256,270,275,280
|notes = 

Page Samples

Gallery Display

This display is used on a skill's individual page. Pages should be titled after card (ie. Power of the Ocean).

{{Power of the Ocean|Gallery}}

results in:

List Display

{{Wave Hit|ListA}}


Skill Name CD Max CD Min Skill Effect Card/s
Wave Hit 14 5 241i 246i 251i 256i 270i 275i 280i 379i 443i 966i 2006i 2016i 2367i Deal 3x Water Damage to all enemies
Flame Hit 14 5 242i 247i 252i 257i 271i 276i 281i 380i 444i 968i 2008i 2368i Deal 3x Fire Damage to all enemies
Land Hit 14 5 243i 248i 253i 258i 272i 277i 282i 381i 445i 970i 2010i 2018i 2369i Deal 3x Earth Damage to all enemies
{{Wave Hit|ListL}}


Skill Name Skill Effect Card/s
Power of the Ocean Water Attack x 1.5 001i 002i 176i 177i 241i 246i 251i 256i 270i 275i 280i 319i 320i 344i 379i 403i 443i 546i 566i 577i 706i 871i 926i 966i 967i 1006i 1007i 1111i 1112i 1631i 1859i 1899i 2367i 8026i 
Power of the Flame Fire Attack x 1.5 005i 006i 179i 180i 242i 247i 252i 257i 271i 276i 281i 321i 322i 346i 380i 404i 444i 547i 567i 576i 707i 872i 928i 968i 969i 1008i 1009i 1113i 1114i 1632i 1860i 1900i 2368i 8027i 
Power of the Woods Earth Attack x 1.5 009i 010i 182i 183i 243i 248i 253i 258i 272i 277i 282i 323i 324i 381i 405i 445i 548i 568i 708i 873i 930i 970i 971i 1010i 1011i 1115i 1116i 1633i 1861i 1901i 2369i 8028i 

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