Event Specials Dates
Embrace of Holylight
Baron Nathaniel
Jack the Gentleman
Aug 17 - 23


This template is used to add weekly Diamond Seal Bonuses to the following pages:

  1. {{DiamondSeal}}
  2. Limited-time Events/Draw Bonuses


{{WeeklyDrawBonus|<Date>|<Event name>|<Monster>|<Monster>|<Front page>}}

  • Please include the year as part of the date
  • If the Front page parameter is present, then a comprehensive gallery will be show for use on the Front page (ie {{DiamondSeal}}), otherwise it will be displayed in list form like the example at the top of this page
  • If the Front page parameter is present, then a corresponding image based on the date parameter and named DiamondSeal-YYYY-MM-DD.jpg must be present
  • The syntax can be used on both {{DiamondSeal}} and Limited-time Events/Draw Bonuses, just remove the <Front page> parameter when pasting it on the Limited-time Events/Draw Bonuses page.


{{WeeklyDrawBonus|10 Aug 2015|Wind-brought Encounter|600|885}}
{{WeeklyDrawBonus|3 Aug 2015|Will Carried by a Blaze|883|863}}
{{WeeklyDrawBonus|27 Jul 2015|Gem of the Shimmering Lake|881|716}}
{{WeeklyDrawBonus|20 Jul 2015|The Moonlit Gifts|635|422}}
{{WeeklyDrawBonus|13 Jul 2015|Sparkling Presents|632|719}}
Wind-brought Encounter
Gusty Puppet
The Treasure Hunter
Aug 10 - 16
Will Carried by a Blaze
The Successor of the Red Hood
Aug 3 - 9
Gem of the Shimmering Lake
The Emperor of Elegant Clothes
Scrubia the Vengeful Demi-dragon
Jul 27 - Aug 2
The Moonlit Gifts
Basti the Solar Deity
Novalis the Dragon Follower
Jul 20 - 26
Sparkling Presents
Pluma the Sky-high Outlaw
Imanotsurugi & Usumidori
Jul 13 - 19
{{DrawBonus|10 Aug 2015|Wind-brought Encounter|600|885|1}}


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