On mountainsides, a sweaty youth, ran to a house asking for water. There was a garden with a fence built around, where colorful flowers were in full blossom. Wisteria climbed up the fence, constituting an eye-catching scenery. The house behind the garden was even more impressive. Tiled dome, exquisitely-built lattice windows and embroidery curtains in the doorway made up a dreamy vibe here.

        “The hostess of this house must be a beauty, hehe.” The youth giggled out loud when he was fantasizing about the house owner. He pushed aside the curtains and asked, “excuse me, anyone here?...No response..What?”

        Being shrouded in dark shadow, he turned around and someone scared the hell out of him —— there was a burly man, with arms even brawiner than the youth’s waist, standing in front of him. Yet the creepiest was that he was actually a drag queen in a cute style.

        “Woof!” Falling into neglect, a white puppy sitting on the right palm of the burly man barked to draw attention. At this moment, Li Lianying walked close to the youth with a twisted smile. “Hello, this is your——”


        “Hold on, it’s your——”

        Before Lianying could finish his words, the youth ran out of the house screaming aloud instantly. All Lianying could do was watching him out of the path helplessly.

        “I just want to give you back the sash…,” he whispered disappointedly.

        “Woof!” Soothing his sadness, the puppy licked his hand gently.

        “Fatty!” Lianying was hugging his pet in tears while talking to himself confusedly. “Sigh...Why is everyone so afraid of me?”

        “Because of your appearance obviously!” A man went into the house and patted his shoulder. “Only I’m willing to be your friend.”

        “Thank you...Zhongxian.”

        “Well, to express your gratitude, you gotta help me this time.”

        “No problem. I’ll do whatever I can.” Lianying put Fatty down and gave a cutesy, pigeon-toed pose, clenching his fists.

        “Of course you can. Just lend me money as usual,” Wei Zhongxian turned away to respond.

        “What? But I already did last week…” Lianying seemed to be reluctant.

        “Sigh, I’ve used up already. You know it’s pricey to get medicine for my lung disease...Cough!” Zhongxian coughed badly all of sudden; Then Lianying went to pat his back.

        “Phew...forget it. Looks like you don’t wanna help your one-and-only true friend. Let’s not see each other ever again.”

        Zhongxian tried to push him away to leave, but Lianying was hesitating. “I wish I could help you, but I have no money anymore. Last time I gave every penny to you.”

        “Tut, what a pauper! Luckily I’m well prepared for this.” Zhongxian cursed inwardly, but he still faked his kindness. He took out a straw paper and said, “simple. All you need to do is to sign this contract.”

        Lianying glanced at the content and soon knew what it was about. “...Is it a guarantee contract?” he faltered.

        “Don’t worry. I’ll pay back the money on time and won’t get you into trouble,” Zhongxian said as he patted his chest.

        “Zhongxian is my only friend. I gotta trust him.” Lianying bit his lips and signed. Once it was done, Zhongxian could not wait to take the contract away.

        “Thank you, my friend.” After leaving these words, he walked out of the house at once.

        Lianying lived on his normal life until someone knocked the door violently in a morning, waking Lianying up from his dream. Putting on a pink fluffy shawl, he opened the door and saw three thugs outside.

        The timid Lianying wrinkled his face, but it made him even more ferocious. “ you want,” he asked in a low voice.

        The thugs knew nothing about him but were hostile towards this burly transvestite, so they attacked instinctively; The leader gave him a strong jab. By reflex, Lianying was thewy to crouch while blocking one’s kick accurately.

        “Sh-shall we sit down and talk——” Lianying tried to persuade them, who appeared to be not listening and keep on attacking. Suddenly, a petite figure pounced on one of the thugs——It was Fatty! The puppy was defending its owner.

        “Ahh! You damn dog!” The enemy threw Fatty at the wall and it fell down screaming in pain.

        “Fatty!!” Lianying yelled in fury. He glared at the thugs, giving out an intimidating aura. “How dare you! You all are unforgivable!”

        Lianying contracted his muscles to grab a thug’s legs, lifted him off the ground and threw him out of the house. Then he kneed another one, making the thug faint immediately. Finally, the remaining one was knocked out by his headbutt.

        As they were all down, Lianying ran towards Fatty and picked it up worriedly. “Fatty! Fatty! Are you okay?”

        “Woof…” He was not relieved until he saw his dog still look vigorous.

        “Sigh...these three idiots can even’t beat one?” A gorgeous lady walked into the house looking at the defeated thugs.

        “Why did you mess around my house without any reasons,” Lianying lost his tempered and questioned.

        “Without any reasons?” The lady grinned. She took out a paper which had his name on it. “Is it your signature? Your friend has disappeared. So you’re paying the debt now.”

        “’s my signature.” Lianying got dejected as he saw the contract. “But I have no money…”

        “I know.” The lady raised his chin with her slim hand and said gently. “So pay off the debt with your body.”

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