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        Jackie barely survived the fight against the Duke of Hell. The fierce battle had stimulated her mana circulation. Now, Jackie hobbled through the forest. She felt painful, pressing her chest. Sparks manifested and filled her golden eyes. She struggled to control the mana rampaging inside her, but she knew she was about to go berserk…
        Jackie wanted to reach a cave but slumped down midway. Her bellow resounded through the woods as mana gushed out of her, igniting her surroundings. In a blink, the entire forest was burning to ashes. Standing in the middle of it, Jackie began hallucinating…
        ’I...I love you! Will you be my other half?’ yelled Stephen sincerely as he bent before Jackie. He lowered his head to avoid eye contact out of distress, fearing she would not give him the answer he wanted to hear.
        Jackie looked at him in astonishment.
        ’I-I-I love you! I do!’ Stephen thought Jackie could not hear him, so he raised his volume.
        Other postmen gathered and clamored, ‘Say yes! Say yes!’ Jackie smiled bitterly and stepped up to Stephen. She leaned over and looked into his eyes. ‘Alright! I accept your love. Please lift your head.’ ‘Really?’ not if you keep asking.’ ‘Okay, okay! I won’t!’ Stephen hugged Jackie and cheered, ‘You’re mine now!’ They smiled into each other’s eyes. Since they had become a couple, they lived together peacefully, but this blissful time did not last long. One day, Jackie lost control of her mana in an accident, which almost sent their house up in flames. Stephen finally figured out Jackie’s identity: a demon....
        ‘...In other words, your father is a demon, and you are a demon’s descendant?'
        Jackie nodded silently.
        ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’
        ‘I was afraid you would drift apart. I knew Humans hated Demons’ guts…’
        Stephen smiled and wrapped Jackie in his arms. He said gently, ‘I love you, Jackie. I don’t care if you’re a demon or a human. You’re Jackie, my precious. Don’t worry. I’ll keep your identity secret.’
        Jackie cried tears of joy. She had accepted Stephen not because of the love for him, but his decency. It didn’t hurt to have someone at her disposal anyway. But now Stephen had moved her heart. She leaned on his shoulder, hoping they would spend their whole lives together.
        Jackie and Stephen’s simple and ordinary days ended very soon. Many citizens were murdered brutally. The public thought it was the work of a psycho killer. Jackie did not think so. She sensed an immense demonic power flowing through the city. A demon was lurking in the corners hunting. Jackie decided to root out this demon to prevent the tragedies. Every night, Jackie passed through the city like a shadow while Stephen was asleep. Tonight, she idled on the roof of the highest structure, waiting for the demon to emerge. A gust of thick mana gushed out of the alley. She tracked it down and saw Stephen was killing the innocent!
        ‘Stephen? How’s that possible…’
        Stephen raised his weapon and slashed at Jackie, who hopped backward to dodge his attack. At that moment, she caught a glance of several elemental strings that wrapped around Stephen’s limbs. She promptly launched a couple of fireballs at the strings. A shadow jumped down the wall. The shadow wore a cloak that hid his face in darkness, but Jackie could sense his odoriferous demonic power.
        ‘You’re the culprit responsible for the recent series of murders, right?’
        ‘Hehe, who knows? Shouldn’t you be worrying about something more imminent?’
        The shadow leaped into the sky. Jackie was intent on chasing after him, but the battle had gathered a crowd. The corpse, the unconscious Stephen, and the sparks floating around Jackie led the citizens to a conclusion that Jackie was the murderer the entire time.
        ‘Demon, you’ve finally revealed yourself!’
        ‘Burn her to death!’
        ’Stephen awakened amid the chattering crowd. He glanced at the corpse and stared at Jackie. ‘Jackie...Why did you…’ exclaimed Stephen. ‘Stephen…’ Jackie thought he would have trusted her. She realized the demonic blood flowing through her veins was an insuperable obstacle to immersing herself into the human community.
        Jackie lowered her head as tears brimmed in her eyes. She knew nothing could clear her name now; she would rather sacrifice herself to protect Stephen from the cruel truth — countless innocent lives had died under his hands. ‘...I did this.’ She did not resist when the furious citizens tied her up and put her behind bars.
        In a unclouded day, Jackie was forcefully carried to the center of the square. She was tied to a wooden frame in a pile of hay. The executioner ignited the hay with a torch. The tiny bit of sparks turned into a fierce fire that swallowed Jackie in an instant. In the last moments of her life, she saw Stephen staring at her with his compassionate yet fearful eyes. Knowing that Stephen was safe and sound, Jackie was relieved to become a scapegoat for his deed and left this world…
        ”Are humans and demons destined to destroy each other? Love helped me forget my origins. The days I spent with him have become precious memories. I have no regrets, even if it didn’t last forever…”