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        “Ahhhhhh—! What is happening? Is the sky falling?” The black-hair lion curled up to form the smallest ball possible. It wanted to hide itself in the deepest corner of the cave, as if that would be the safest place.

        “Your Highness, it is merely lightning, probably because it will rain soon,” comforted a lizard beside the lion.

        “Raining! The flood will flush away the forest! We have to run!”

        “Your Highness, the amount of rain coming down is definitely too little for a flood. We need not flee.”

        “Then, then...”

        “Your Highness, if you do not believe in our words, the dark devil will come and eat you.” The lizard’s tenderness vanished; instead, it wore a stern expression, though its voice remained respectful, as it warned the king.

        “Sorry. I am sorry. I trust you. I will do as you say!” The black lion held its head in its paws and shivered.

        The lizard walked out the cave. Under the dark sky, it traveled deeper to the even darker forest. It went to a waterfall where a bear and a red haired lion awaited.

        “It is still the same. Thunder alone, and he is rendered unable to leave the cave.” The lizard reported dutifully as it neared the red lion.

        “Mm. It’s almost time, time to take back my throne!” The red lion boosted its companions’ morale.

        “If the magic stone on its neck has not chosen it, it would never be a match to you, Your Highness.” The bear immediately flattered the red lion.

        “It would be terrified by its own shadow, let alone be a match to me! Hahaha...”

        At the same time in the cave, although the black lion was doubtful about the lizard’s words, the feeling of worry and fear haunted it, rendering it powerless to disagree. Always curled up in the depths of the cave, the black lion dared not resist. It did not anticipate a great change was awaiting...