After he bade farewell to Merry Puppy and Grumpy Puppy, Nello continued his journey across different countries, seeking information on the authenticity of various myths. By recording every interesting fact and tale encountered, he hoped to compile the records into a detailed chronicle.

        One day, Nello arrived at the foot of a snowy mountain. He took out a map to plan his route; according to it, the only way to reach the next town was to cross over the mountain.

        At first, the way uphill was smooth and relaxed, with the brilliant sun shining in the clear sky. Though the mountain side was already covered in snow, the sunlight could still bathe him in warmth. But as he neared the top, the condition worsened...

        A howling blizzard was blowing against the mountain top. Nello had anticipated an extreme weather, but, he did not expect such a harsh situation. The wind grew fiercer as he was advancing the top, making it tough to even lifted his feet up off the snow. Icy wind cut right through his face and his body, nevertheless, he clutched his teeth and fought his way onward.

        Yet, Nello started to find it difficult to navigate until finally, he collapsed because of exhaustion; he was unable to stop sleepiness from draining away his consciousness.

        At the moment, he had a indistinct feeling that an unseen force was tugging his rucksack, pulling him out from the pile of snow and dragging him along the way. Nello was unable to resist and just let himself be dragged away. Drifting into old memories, he remembered having his companions at his side, and the happy moments when they were travelling together. Memories and reality overlapped; Nello unintentionally called out the names of his companions...

        “Merry Pup... Grumpy Pup...”

        The thing who was dragging Nello quickened its pace, and hurried towards a cave in the mountain.

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