“Click, clack, click, clack...” The loom kept running. The new tailor was busy sewing a new set of clothes. However, no matter in which angle Prince William tried to look, he could not see the thread and fabric. He asked the tailor and only got the answer “this is a special fabric only visible to the wise”.

        “Prince William, do you really believe the tailor?” His subordinate asked with disbelief.

        “Tailor? He’s just a fraud. But isn’t this the perfect chance to drive ‘the emperor of elegant clothes’ out of his power?” Wearing this set of ‘new clothes’ and do a one-man parade around his subjects. What shame! Hahaha...”

        The reigning emperor was a puppet controlled by Prince William. Although this was public knowledge, they could not openly mock the emperor. Hence, they gave him a name just as suitable — The Emperor of Elegant Clothes. The name did not only refer to Louis’ changing to new luxurious clothes every day, but also mocked him — a man of incompetence despite his imperial guise. Moreover, his fashion sense was unseemly. The person who could, without hesitation, wear the clothes chosen by the emperor was his brother, who could put on a smile to everything. As the uncle of the emperor, William always wanted to get rid of the two brothers, so he could ascend to the throne.

        A few weeks passed.

        “Your Majesty, the production of the new clothes is progressing promisingly.” Prince William spoke solemnly and respectfully, as if he had never spoken ill about Louis.

        “Oh really? I should take a look!” Louis was motivated and was already stepping out before he actually finished his sentence.

        When he arrived at the fabric worker’s quarters, the tailor was somehow dressing the dummy as though with a set of finished “clothes”.

        “Beautiful! This design is beautiful!” Louis looked and the “clothes” and said in awe.

        “Huh?” Prince William, his subordinate and the tailor were shocked.

        Noticing the signal from Prince William’s eyes, the tailor gestured with the hand to the dummy and introduced his design. “Ahem. Marvelous, Your Majesty! This pattern was specially designed, and the sash here...”

        “It would be even better if you can add some feathers and roses in it.” Louis interrupted the tailor. He then turned to face Prince William and ordered, “The clothes seem to need some more time for amendment. Let’s postpone my personal parade for a week.”

        “Received,” Prince William replied, while saying in his heart, ‘what’s wrong with him this time?’

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