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        The Summoner and the Twelve Zodiacs had been fighting the gods after the gods showed their true colors. At last, they managed to guide the elemental power back to the realm. They thought it was the beginning of a time of peace. However, the realm shook as the elemental power poured into it! The realm could not contain the vast amount of elemental power and was about to collapse! To save the world, the Summoner and Glauox returned to the realm from the top of Enochian Tower immediately. Suddenly, a giant shadow descended from the sky, sending up clouds of dust and blurring the Summoner’s view.

        With a blurred vision, the Summoner barely caught a glimpse of the giant shadow lying prone. It had not made a move, but the Summoner could feel its breathtaking energy intensifying the atmosphere from a distance. The Summoner and Glauox stepped back cautiously. Moments later, the dust finally settled, revealing the true face of the giant shadow — it was a humongous gray wolf! Its muscular body was bound by silvery chains, which did not seem to drag its movements at all. It circled the Summoner at the speed of light while growling and glaring at him. As the Summoner was pondering his next move, the giant wolf stood on its hind legs and let out a howl that crackled through the Summoner’s eardrums and ruffled his hair. Consequently, the sky dimmed as light elemental power converged on its body...

        ’It’s absorbing the light elemental power of the realm. If this goes on, the realm will be drowned in eternal darkness!’ yelled Glauox. ‘Stop it, Summoner!’

        The Summoner lowered his head to focus on talking to the heroic spirits in the void. Moments later, the chosen five heroic spirits appeared before him.

        e won’t let anyone threaten the realm!’ Four of the heroic spirits clutched their weapons and attacked the giant wolf. It straightened its hind legs and dodged them by jumping into mid-air. It landed on one of the heroic spirits and turned around to jump at the Summoner immediately. The heroic spirit who had stayed to protect the Summoner raised his hands and gathered dark elemental power to create an elemental shield. The giant wolf sped up and crashed at the shield. Boom! The impact shook the earth as the shield shattered into pieces. The impact blew the heroic spirit away. The giant wolf took advantage of the opening and pressed the Summoner down. It lowered its mouth towards the Summoner's face and exhaled a breath of stench on him.; it raised its lips and bared its teeth, which were sharp enough to bite iron into shreds...

        The Summoner thought that was the end of his life. However, a strange black mist gushed out of his body and solidified into a human. It was an ancient heroic spirit who had lived in the North. The ancient heroic spirit then swung his hand and generated countless sharp arrows of dark elemental power and fired them at the giant wolf.

        The giant wolf stepped back immediately and summoned a shield of light element. As the dark arrows rained on the light shield, purple light illuminated the surroundings. After the arrows and the shield disappeared, silence descended upon the Summoner’s heroic spirits and the giant wolf.

        ’Impossible, Fenrir...You should’ve…’ The heroic spirit who came out of the Summoner’s body was Loki the Iniquity. He gawked at the giant wolf in shock. The giant wolf became gentle the moment it saw Loki. It lowered its guard and walked up to Loki. Loki reached his hand to its nose, and it began to wag its tail. It then rubbed against Loki’s chest, as if he was its master.

        ’Fenrir...Isn’t that the name of the giant wolf that split into two Devourers when Odin intended to kill it ages ago?’

        ’What? But…’ The Summoner looked at the Enochian Tower in the distance. The giant wolf reminded him of the battle he had with the Devourers, which were sealed in the tower.. It was a tough fight he could never forget. Fenrir should not exist.

        Right at that moment, the Summoner sensed enormous elemental power converging in the sky. The giant wolf moved its ears to focus on hearing. It ran back to where it landed nervously, gripped a giant bone and stared at the sky.

        ’Go after it…’ Loki said as he was vanishing, ‘You’ll discover the truth there.’ The Summoner nodded and rode on the giant wolf, which then leapt into the converging point of the elemental power...