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        The realm of Humans, heaven, and the Cove were well-known places to all. However, there was also a famous location created by magic — Wonderland. Alice, the creator, captured an abandoned princess, crowned her the Queen of Wonderland, and gave her a Demon traitor as her companion. In hopes of creating two opposing sides, Alice saved another princess from the hands of the Demon traitor and assigned her the White Queen. She finished turning Wonderland into a chessboard with chess pieces that could move by themselves. Every turn of the tide on her chessboard brought Alice a lot of fun, until the Demon warrior died, and Alice’s daily life became uneventful again.

        “I’m bored! Isn’t there anything interesting?” Alice asked Mad Hatter while lying lazily on a small sofa. These quiet days bored her so much that she just wanted to lie there and sleep all day.

        “How about we play croquet?” Mad Hatter stated how Alice used to love playing croquet.

        “No! It’s troublesome! Get away.” Alice replied and looked away in aversion with her hand on her chin. Then, her eyelids felt heavier and heavier...

        The surroundings were blurry until Alice saw a clear image before her eyes. It was her mother, Ozma.

        ‘Alice! How dare you read my things?’ Ozma hurriedly snapped the book in Alice’s hand — it was Ozma’s diary.

        ‘Mother, are you really planning to give Woodbury away?’ Not having recovered from the shock of what she had just read, Alice did not want to believe that her mother actually wrote those words in her diary. Alice held Ozma’s hem and asked in resentment, “How could you do that to Woodbury?!”

        ‘You don’t know anything about it!’ Ozma shook off Alice’s hand in discontent: ‘If I don’t do it, then the three of you...No...none of us can escape!’

        ‘No! You can’t give them Woodbury. They’re gonna kill her!’ Alice yelled in exasperation after hearing that her mother had no intention of changing her mind at all.

        ‘Shut it!’ Ozma covered Alice’s mouth, and pushed her against a wall, her eyes exuding unusual fierceness: “If you don’t want to die — ”

        Before Ozma could finish her sentence, a knife was already plunged into her chest. Alice held the knife while trembling; her eyes were as red as the blood dripping from Ozma’s wound.

        ‘No—!’ It was Woodbury. Hearing Alice’s yell, she came to the room, and happened to witness how Alice killed their mother.

        The crimson liquid filled the air with the stench of rust. Ozma’s pain was not only from the wound, but also from her daughter’s merciless attack. Alice personally led Ozma down the path of death, but as Ozma realized that she would not be able to see her daughter’s face again, she no longer blamed Alice. Every wound can be healed by love. She took her last breath, and whispered to her daughter, ‘Alice, protect your sister. She is key.’

        Alice took out her magic chessboard and absorbed Ozma’s power. She chuckled, but no one understood why she would react this way after killing her own mother. Just then, Alice noticed that Woodbury’s eyes were exuding hatred toward her...

        “Miss Alice! Miss Alice!” Mad Hatter’s voice brought Alice back from her dreams. He hurriedly withdrew his handkerchief: “What happened, Miss Alice? You are sweating a lot. May I offer this —”

        “Back off!” Leisurely wiping away the sweat from her forehead, Alice retook her usual domineering stance.

        Alice’s consciousness reminded herself that she was the ruler of Wonderland, that she was powerful and independant. She did not need to be understood; the girl only had to do what she thought was right.