A brown dog with long guard hairs was wandering streets, looking for those who need its help. As it passed a stone bridge, there happened to be a man fishing, endeavoring to reel the fish in but about to be dragged in himself. The dog immediately rushed to help; it attempted to pull the fish out of the water, however, it bit the fishing line and broke it. The fish swiftly swam away while the man flung the rod into the river in fury.

        The dog did not understand why the man was so angry, but it felt that it could not stay for any longer and had to continue looking for the next person who needed its help. Passing by a staircase, it saw a woman pushing a shopping cart and hurried to help her. Yet, the moment it pushed, the cart rolled down the stairs with the groceries inside scattered everywhere...

        The brown dog wanted to help pick up the scattered items, but the woman angrily pushed it away and shouted, “Buzz off!” With that, the dog speechlessly went away.

        Later on, more and more people received “help” from the dog, and they started to do all they can to avoid it. Some even bolted the moment they caught sight of it from afar as if they were afraid to be found by the dog. However, after so much failure, the dog still did not give up but continued looking throughout the town for people in need.

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