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        Since the ancient times, Cthulhu had been sleeping in the deep sea. It enjoyed immersing itself in the endless illusion. However, when people began worshipping it with no reason, its long sleep was intruded. In order to scare off the worshippers, Cthulhu would devour them every time it showed up. Surprisingly, this failed to terrify the worshippers. Instead, they reckoned it as the completion of their sacrificial ritual and they became more and more zealous towards Cthulhu. In order to regain silence, Cthulhu shared its power with a female offering, so that she became its ambassador and grouped the worshippers. As a result, the sacrificial rites became less frequent. Later on, Cthulhu revealed the location of the deserted holy city to its avatar, so that its worshippers became busy with chasing after the Elder Gods who had left long ago. Since then, Cthulhu was able to enjoy silence again.

        Cthulhu was sunk in sleep once again. In its dreams, it could sense a great shock in the ocean. Although it knew that the shock was caused by Poseidon, the Greek God who was relegated by Zeus to the realm of men to be the ruler of the ocean, Cthulhu was not bothered as long as its sleep was not interrupted. In order to put an end to the restless battles between it and Poseidon, Cthulhu intentionally lost, so that it could return to the deep sea and sleep soundly again.

        As the wars between Gods and Demons broke out again and again, Cthulhu remained drunk on its dreams. He knew every single incident happened in the world, but he just had no interests in intervening any of them.

        After all, the illusory dreams are always more intoxicating than the cruel reality.