In a dark room, there was a dim light that glowed only strong enough to cast radiance to its nearest surroundings. A maiden was sitting by the light, reading a book in her hands. Surrounded by a mountain of books, she scanned through the book to no avail — she did not find what she was looking for. When she realized that it no longer had any use to her, she flung it aside and picked up another book, repeating her routine scanning. In a mere while, the mountain of books were scattered onto the floor; only a few ragged books were left beside her.

        “This book doesn’t have it either...All this long search has been for nothing! Darn!” As she said that, the maiden threw the book with all her strength and caused a pile of books to collapse. To avoid being crushed by the books, the maiden stepped aside, but instead tripped over other books on the floor.

        With a lot of difficulty, the maiden pushed away all the books and climbed back onto the chair. She angrily looked at her legs that had been withered by immobility for a long period of time. The maiden forcefully punched her own thighs: “I’ve always been the student with the best grades in class! If it wasn’t for you, I would have been a Great Sorceress! This is all your fault!” The maiden grabbed the books from the floor and threw them at a wall one by one, hoping to release her desperation and exasperation about her lame legs, her life, and the world itself.

        The maiden was born with disabled legs, but she also possessed an unusual amount of immense power. Therefore, her parents arranged her to learn magic from mages. In the school of magic, her grades had always topped the class; hence, she assumed that she was the best candidate to be trained as the next “Great Sorceress”. However, the selected student was not her, but another girl in the class. She knew the reason behind her failed selection was because of her lame legs. To change from living her life as a failure, the maiden read numerous books, but still failed to find her answer.

        Just as she wanted to throw another ancient book at the wall, a page fell off from the ragged book, and drifted right onto the maiden’s thigh. The maiden held it in bemusement. The book was written in ancient letters, so she had to slowly read it to understand the words: “ the deep sea...the evil god...when it wakes...the realm shall be reborn...” These words triggered thoughts and desires in the maiden’s mind: ‘If the world won’t accept me, then let everything be reborn! In the new world, I shall receive justice and blessings!’

        The maiden located the evil god’s whereabouts with accordance to the ancient book. She prayed by the sea every day; and sometimes, she would even wound her legs and use her blood as a sacrifice, hoping to lure out the evil god. To the maiden, that was the only value her crippled legs had. She would gather with the other followers of the evil god; and together, they played a tune with various instruments as a rite to show their respect to their god. However, after days, and years, the evil god never appeared in front of them, as if it was not able to hear her prayers.

        One day, she personally saw the evil god gulping down its own followers. To see the evil god again, she brought different sacrifices to it, hoping that it would reappear for her.

        After uncountable days and nights, the evil god finally showed itself, granted the maiden a part of its power, and assigned her its ambassador. Affected by the evil god’s power, the maiden eventually developed tentacle limbs at the lower part of her body. The powerful tentacles then became the maiden’s “legs”. She slowly stood up, and a smile spread across her face. After all the loyalty she had shown the evil god, the maiden was finally reborn...

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