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        After the Primordial Dragons created the realm, elements split and formed lands, oceans, and nurtured various life-forms; elves were one of them. Their status varied according to their power. The most powerful elves with the highest status would have their own titles. Their presence resembled the royal class — like the Elf Queen.

        The Elf Queen was born in a mine, surrounded by gems. Gems were as important to her as her own life; she ordered low-level elves to gather gems for her. Although the shining stones were already abundant enough to literally fill her home, she felt an unquenchable thirst for more.

        “I want more...and more...but I have run out of place to store them. What should I do?” The Elf Queen often pondered over how she could find more space to store more gems.

        This did not change until elves happened to come across Human cities, and witnessed their constructions: “Your Majesty, how about we build a castle for you? Then Your Majesty will have plenty of space to store gems.”

        The Elf Queen ordered her subjects to use the gems she had previously gathered to build a castle similar to the Humans’. The castle was built on a mountain, and the used gems were carefully refined; each and every one of them radiated glamorously, as if the castle itself was a gigantic gem embedded in the mountain. To avoid her castle from being discovered by Humans, the Elf Queen channeled her elemental power into the gems’ natural power, camouflaging the entire castle in the forest.

        Every day, the Elf Queen immerged herself in the exquisitely crafted furniture, and enjoyed the happiness of being surrounded by gems. However —

        “Too slow.” The Elf Queen stroked her gem-assembled throne to control her anger.

        The gem storage area was now improved, but not the efficiency of gem gathering, causing a dramatic contrast between the enormous space and the sparsity of gems.

        The cool feeling of gems ensured her comfort when she slept.

        The glittering radiance of gems brightened her eyes when she woke.

        Without the presence of gems, everything seemed to be dull.

        “Oh, right. How would Humans do it?”

        She built the castle with reference to how Humans built theirs. The Elf Queen then remembered that she had once witnessed Humans’ method of gathering metals before: “The number of Humans in the mine was definitely fewer than the number of my elves. How were they able to gather metals so efficiently?”

        The Elf Queen then sent elves to inspect Human mines. They reported that Humans often used machines over gathering metals by hand, triggering an idea in the Elf Queen...

        A strange and gigantic tree-like creature with four claws excavated gems under the elves’ instructions, while other elves only needed to categorize, cleanse and refine the gathered gems before sending them to the Elf Queen’s treasury. With the most time-consuming excavation improved, the efficiency of gem gathering escalated, and the treasury started to look ample.

        “So, creating Diablo was the correct move. I am collecting more gems. Haha!” Lying in a sea of gems, the Elf Queen indulged herself in the enchanting bliss of being embraced by numerous glittering stones.