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        “Where are you? Time to eat!” The young man shouted on the plain.

        Barks emanated from behind. As the young man turned to the source of the barking, he was wrestled to the ground in a flash by two figures. The puppies had jumped onto him, licking him on the face.

        “Haha! It tickles! Stop!” The young man burst into chuckles, but the puppies did not stop tickling him until he begged for mercy. They moved aside, their victory written on their faces. Having laughed too hard, the young man said breathlessly, “You two always love sneak attacks...” He smirked with deviousness flickering in his eyes, and then stood up; the puppies responded with a gesture that implied “Come and catch us!” as if they could read his mind.

        “Watch me beat you up!” The young man pretended to hit them, whereas the puppies dodged by rolling left or right. When the playing exhausted them, the young man and two puppies lay on the plains, right next to one another. Gazing at the deep blue sky, he smiled and said, “It would be wonderful if this never ends... The three of us will stay together forever.” The puppies gently touched the young man’s cheeks with their noses, as if promising him.

        Just as they were enjoying the moment of silence, a young girl ran over them suddenly, and yelled in fear, “Nello... The Demons are coming!”

        The duo and the puppies arrived at a knoll near the village. Everything in sight was already covered in a sea of flames. Chilling screams could be heard everywhere. The people were all running for their lives.

        “Alois! Where’s grandma?”

        “Grandma... I think she is still in the room...”
        “Darn it! You guys wait here. I’ll be back soon with grandma. Got it?” With that, the young man and girl rushed to the village, and did not look back. Merry Puppy watched the young man go into the danger alone. The more it thought about it, the more it worried; it decided to travel there with him. Grumpy did not agree with what Merry did, for it was confident that the young man would return and pick them up. Therefore, it stayed where it was by itself.

        Time went by, but neither the young man nor Merry Puppy returned. Suddenly, it started raining heavily. Grumpy did not enter the village until the fire was finally extinguished by the rain. Yet, everything there had been reduced to rubble and ash. Grumpy Puppy did not see the figures it anticipated...