Parting with Louis, Edward returned to his room. On the balcony was a giant swallow preening itself. Edward opened the window and let it in. The swallow entered and wrapped itself with its wings which then transformed into feathers. These then floated down and disappeared before touching the ground. A man in tuxedo stood where the swallow was.

        “Even if you are the ‘Happy Prince’, you still do not have to accept this golden armor with a smile on your face.” The man goodheartedly teased Edward’s new clothes.

        “You saw everything?” Edward shook his head and asked with a smile on his face. He recalled how happy Louis was when the emperor measured his body with the armor made of gold.

        “He was doing me a favor, though I will skip on the fashion style. However, despite this, my brother is certainly capable of governing this empire.”

        “I have never doubted that. The fact that you stand here, alive, is already firm proof of the emperor’s intellect.” The man took out a letter from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to Edward: “Prince William and his men rigorously mask the evidence of his attempt to take over the empire. Only these copies of documents are found for the time. As to his attempts to remove you, the heir to the throne, there remains no shred of evidence. Prince William is extremely sly.”

        “Worry not. For the time being, I just need to be ‘the Happy Prince who always smiles’. Then my brother could act on my welfare, denying Prince William any opportunities to harm us. Rather, I would have to burden you with the continued search for more evidence.”

        “This is too modest of you. When you saved my Miss and me, I vowed to fulfill a wish for you. Now I am just keeping my promise.”

        “I should have asked for a fruit cake.”

        “But I also found something more attractive than a fruit cake.” The man searched his inside pocket again and took out a ring wrapped in a handkerchief. “This is closely related to Prince William’s treachery against the previous emperor.”

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