“ one loves my paintings...” A curvaceous, beautiful girl Chun Xiang was holding her paintings, walking in the hallway of a grand mansion.
        There were six guards surrounding her. Each of them was confused about her weird behaviour. Here was the residence of the great general. Normal people dared not approach the doorway, not to mention going inside. However, Chun Xiang showed no fear, and cut off the door with her golden fan. The guards thought she was going to attack them, but Chun Xiang just walked straight ahead with a low murmur of voices.
        The chief guard walked up to her boldly and warned, “Leave! Otherwise, I’ll do it by force!”
        “Boohoo...These paintings are my brainchild, but no one appreciates my efforts. They’re all scared off by my work. This really hurts my heart...Boohoo…”
        Immersing in her own world, Chun Xiang did not seem to be listening to the chief’s words and kept going forward.
        Before she bumped into the chief guard, Chun Xiang opened her golden fan, turned her wrist and hit his head with the grip. The chief guard was knocked down; she stepped on his body and moved on absent-mindedly.
        “Why...why…” Chun Xiang kept talking to herself. The guards were scared by her strange behaviour and dared not attack rashly. Then, she smashed the wall open with her fan and left the mansion blatantly.
        Holding a pile of paintings, she had knocked down or removed anyone or anything standing in her way. After a while, she came to a village and encountered a silver-haired boy.
        The boy blocked Chun Xiang’s attack with two fingers easily, sprinted to her back and did a rear wrist lock.
        When the paintings dropped to the ground, she finally woke up from her sadness. “Why are you grabbing my hand, you pervert!” she glared at the boy.
        “You just attacked me! Don’t you know that!? I’m doing it in self defence.”
        “What!? Impossible! Why should I be rude to you?”
        “Look over there.” The boy pointed at the broken wall, which had a hole big enough for a man to go through it. “You smashed it.”
        “Um...well, it looks that way.” Chun Xiang looked at the dirt on her fan and said, “Sorry.”
        “Never mind” Taishang Laojun let go of his hand. His attention shifted to a painting on the ground. He picked it up and looked closely.
        The painting was a portrait of ferocious demon holding a halberd on his hand. The line was delicate; the color was vibrant. It was so vivid that Taishang Laojun could even feel the bloodlust of the demon. Ordinary people must have been scared off by the evilness in the painting, except Taishang Laojun. He was intrigued by her artwork.
        “Good, really good! It’s a lifelike drawing. I can hear the howling of that demon...Is this your painting?”
        “Yes! It’s called “Wu Ming”. I’ve spent lots of time to get the azure ink, and it took me a month without sleeping to finish my work!” Since Chun Xiang finally met a bosom friend, she cried for joy, holding Taishang Laojun’s hands tight.
        “Everyone is scared of my painting, just like seeing a ghost...boohoo...”
        “They’re mortals. They can’t feel the spirituality in your work, but I like it. If you don’t mind, may I buy it…” Taishang Laojun frowned suddenly, “But it’s not perfect, not yet.”
        “What?” Chun Xiang shouted immediately. “What’s wrong with it?” She kept skimming through her painting.
        “His eyes lack soul.” Taishang Laojun pointed at the empty eyes of the demon.
        “Indeed...Alright!” She took out a brush and a small box filled with sapphire-like paint.
        “I still have some paint left. Let me put the finishing touch——” “Can you let me do it?” Taishang Laojun stopped Chun Xiang and said with a blush, “I want to give it to an important person…”
        “Haha! Is she your love?” Chun Xiang wore a kind smile. Then she handed the brush to him and said, “Here you go.”
        “Thank you.” Taishang Laojun dipped it into the ink and concentrated on the painting. He was not aware that his body was coated with soft light at that moment.
        Taishang Laojun filled the demon eyes with the ink cautiously. Then, something incredible happened——The painting slipped out of his hand suddenly; the ink kept circulating as if it was alive!
        “Oh no!” He tried to catch the painting. However, it was too late. The demon started glittering.
        As the light faded, it turned into a blank sheet, dropping to the ground. The demon, which was supposed to be in the painting, was standing in front them.
        “What-what’s going on? Why Wu Ming jumps out from the painting!?” Chun Xiang let out a scream of fright.
        “Not good! I was too concentrated, and I accidentally injected my Xian energy into it. So, the demon is alive now.” Taishang Laojun closed his eyes and continued, “We have to catch him quickly——”
        Wu Ming gave a roar of rage in the light. His demonic power had blown Taishang Laojun and Chun Xiang away. Then, Wu Ming captured this opportunity to flee in no time...

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