The vast bamboo forest was probably the dog’s sole shelter, for he would always dwell there and never left for other places. In order to take care of the injured dog, Nello and Gracious Dog would frequently go in and out of that forest. Nello would bring different food and medicine to the dog and talk to it while keeping his distance, hoping for a day when he could move it with his compassion.

        Though the dog’s remained up with Nello, he kept taking care of it day after day. Later, he even emphasized the valiance in its name, in the hope that it could be braver and tougher, and would not be easily bullied at least.

        At first, Valiant Dog was fiercely defensive towards Nello, refusing to let him approach. It even ignored the food Nello brought. But still, he had tried to patiently bond with it and tenderly cared for it. As time went by, the wall in Valiant Dog's heart collapsed, and it accepted food from Nello. Later on, it would even let Nello approach to check and treat its wounds.

        Under Nello’s care, Valiant Dog’s condition improved; it looked far more robust and healthy than it had before.

        “You look really energetic today!”

        Nello and Gracious Dog visited Valiant Dog as usual. It approached them on its own initiative. Instead of giving them a tense face, it looked relaxed and delightful as if they were old friends. Nello stretched his hand out and gently stroked its head.

        After Valiant Dog recovered, Nello and Gracious Dog set off to search off the Xian Master of Peach Mountain. Valiant Dog was eager to find a home where it belongs. Therefore, it decided to journey with them, for it understood that there was no future if it continued to stay in the forest. No one knew what was awaiting it at the end of this journey, but the dog did know that it would not regret this decision...

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