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        “Excuse me, have you seen this puppy?” Holding a portrait, the young man asked anxiously.

        “No! Get out of my way if you’re not buying anything!” The man turned his face away after just a quick glimpse.

        The young man walked out of the shop in disappointment. Merry Puppy immediately approached and greeted him. Passionately wagging its tail, it flung itself at him. The young man smiled and said, “Right! As long as we have faith, we will definitely find Grumpy!” Bringing Merry with him, the young man continued his search, asking everyone in the town for information...

        Fate had been changed the day the young man returned home to save his grandma, disregarding his own safety. Merry Puppy had been followed him at his side. After the young man had settled everything, he wanted to immediately go back for Grumpy; however, he could not since he had to move farther away due to injuries. When he was in recovery, he hurriedly set off with Merry Puppy to the knoll where he and the puppies had promised to meet. Yet by then, there was already no sign of Grumpy Puppy... In order to look for their close companion, the young man and Merry Puppy roamed to every corner of the realm.

        As the night fell, the young man and Merry Puppy rested by a campfire.

        “Grumpy is not here either...?” The young man crossed off the part of his map denoting where he had just visited. Despite numerous areas crossed off on the map, they still could not find Grumpy Puppy.

        Merry Puppy suddenly sensed a dangerous pneuma approaching. Fully alert, it growled as if it was warning the approaching party. Seeing Merry Puppy’s reaction, the young man swiftly picked up the wooden club at his side, and gazed fixedly in the direction at which Merry was growling. All of a sudden, numerous gnomes rushed out from the woods. Merry Puppy bore the brunt of their attacks; nevertheless, several gnomes still charged at the young man. Just as the young man gripped his club tight to ready himself for a fight, a shadow leaped from behind at the gnomes. A glance was enough to tell the young man that it was Grumpy Puppy which Merry and he were longing and searching for...

        Merry Puppy and Grumpy Puppy worked together and defeated the gnomes. Merry and the young man delightedly approached Grumpy; yet, the Puppy seemed unable to recognize them, and even tried to attack Merry. Startled by Grumpy’s fierce attack, Merry and the young man hurriedly dodged. From Grumpy’s growls and ferocious look at that moment, Merry knew that a battle between them was inevitable...

        ‘I fight for Nello, and also for Grumpy. I will never back down!” Merry vowed in silence.