Nello was running wildly across the vast plains with Merry Puppy and Grumpy Puppy, romping and racing around. It was such a wonderful moment. But suddenly, something wrestled him onto the ground from behind. Nello snapped awake before realizing that he was in a cave; what had just happened was merely a dream.

        Albeit hazy, Nello could remembered passing out on the snowy mountain from the blizzard’s biting cold. Yet, he could not recall how he had been rescued... He tried to move his body a little; fortunately, he could still freely move around despite soreness in his limbs. He then stretched his hands out and probed around. To his surprise, he felt something fluffy and warm.

        A black and white dog was sleeping beside him. Nello jumped back in fright, which startled the dog from its sleep. With the dog closing in, Nello had no room to escape. Fatigue set in on his legs and Nello falls to the floor; all he could do was to shut his eyes, waiting to be eaten. Suddenly, he sensed something sloppy, tepid on his arm...

        The dog was licking his arm, wishing to comfort him. Nello let down his guard; he clutched his fist and put it before the dog’s nose. It sniffed, then wagged its tail and leaned against Nello. Embracing the dog whose body was so warm that it could even melt his heart, Nello felt that all the coldness had been driven away.

        Since then, Nello and the dog had spent weeks together in the cave. During this time, it never left Nello, not even for a second; even when they were searching for food, it would always lead Nello onward. To overcome boredom, Nello would share with it his experiences and encounters in his journey. To a dog who had never left the mountain, everything Nello talked about was strange but interesting...

        “By the way, you’re really good at finding directions and leading the way! What a smart boy.”

        The dog barked, agreeing with Nello. After the blizzard died down, Devoted Dog, the Komainu of Guidance, led Nello down the mountain and followed him to the journey travelling around the world, hoping that through adventures it would find the meaning of life and its mission...

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