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        Until now, the brown, long-haired dog had neither truly helped anyone, nor had it ever received any words of gratitude. Yet, it did not get discouraged. Holding onto its faith and mission, it firmly believed one day it could save someone in need.

        It roamed the town as usual. Just when it thought that it was another disappointing day, it found a little boy crying alone.

        The brown dog stood before the boy and softly touched him with its head. The boy finally noticed the dog. He was startled by its sudden appearance; but soon he started sobbing again. To comfort the little boy immersed by sadness, the dog kept licking the tears running down his cheek. After a while, the boy finally calmed down and stopped crying. He started telling the dog his troubles...

        “I want to go home but I don’t know the way...’

        “I should not have run away from home. Mommy must be so worried about me now...”
        After listening to what he said, the brown dog stood up. Walking away for a short distance, it turned its head and barked at the little boy.

        “Are... you telling me to follow you?”

        The brown dog gave another loud bark as if it was urging him forward. When it saw the little boy running after him, it quickened its pace. Whenever it went around a corner, it would stop and wait for the little boy to catch up. Though they had never met before, it had faith that bringing him home would alleviate his problems.

        They had already no concept of how many corners they had gone around, how many roads they had run along and how much stairs they had trampled on. Yet, the dog was still unable to bring the little boy home, and even found itself lost in this town. The boy slowly realized that this dog could never save him from his troubles; he let out a long, loud wail again. Just then, a young man with a black and white dog passed by and noticed his crying. They moved towards him...