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        The heavy rain did not only extinguish the intense flames engulfing the village, but also every scent that was supposed to be there. Grumpy Puppy worked tirelessly sniffing both the ground and the surrounding object, hoping that it could detect even the slightest scent on them. Yet, all he had done was to no avail. Even the last remnants of hope buried in its heart was eventually carried away by the rainwater.

        There was no sign of the young man and Merry Puppy in the devastated land. Grumpy guessed that they should still be alive... ‘But, why they did not come for me?’ Grumpy kept asking itself the same question.

        At first, Grumpy thought that the young man and Merry Puppy might have fled to somewhere safe, and once they had settled down, they would come back for it. Therefore, Grumpy returned to where they had promised to meet. As the days went by, the endless waiting had shaken Grumpy’s faith... It felt that it had essentially been abandoned by the young man and Merry Puppy. Extremely disappointed, it decided not to wait for those who would not come back for it. Its heart was filled with piercing sadness. Slouching along with its head lowered, even lifting its paws off the ground felt difficult for Grumpy; it plodded away from the place which it found so familiar.

        Once again, Grumpy Puppy set off on an endless journey; yet, everything it saw during the trip felt so different — the laughter of elves now sounded like mockery; the balmy sunshine now felt irritatingly bright; the deep blue sky now seemed dark and heavy... As for Grumpy Puppy, its mentality also gradually changed — it was no longer gentle and calm, and had turned ferocious and violent. When it encountered attacking enemies during its journey, it became fearless, and even increasingly aggressive.

         One night, it had defeated numerous common elves in the forest. When it was still on guard for anything suspicious, a figure unhurriedly walked out of the shadows, clapping his hands.

        “You have truly surprised me! What impressive power lay hidden inside your tiny body!” A Youkai dressed like an oriental sorcerer chuckled.

        Grumpy’s instinct told it that the Youkai before it was evil, and would seek to cause harm to it. It decided to strike preemptively to gain the upper hand; it flung itself at the Youkai in a flash. Yet, to its surprise, the Youkai dodged its attack with ease; he even swiftly caught Grumpy with a firm grasp. Realizing that this would not end well, it tried fighting him off with all its strength; but, its enemy just tightened his grip.

        “Let me make you stronger!”

        Darkness rose from the bottom of its heart as the Youkai spoke, which once again drove Grumpy to recall how Merry and the young man had broken the promise they made...