On a land spreading out far beyond the horizon, there was a place encircled by towering walls. Different from other areas, this place was shrouded in fearsome darkness, as if it could devour everything into bottomless void.

        A white-haired man opened a door and walked in with his hands putting behind the back. As he stepped into this place, the darkness was in a frenzy of joy, clinging to his feet.

        Frowned, the man let it erode every inch of his nerve. The darkness got inside his body, raging like a maniac. Normal people would have gone mad, but he was no ordinary, a man who was capable of using element. He raised his weapon——a gold chisel with finest craft.

        “Elements trapped in the nature, I carve the world for you, and you shall unleash your power for me.” Michelangelo, one of the three headmasters of Lomond Manor, was summoning earth element. Resonating, the element vibrated and fell on his chisel, which began to be coated with green light. The darkness seemed to feel fear, withdrawing from his body.

        As the darkness was expelled, Michelangelo regained the peace finally. Gazing into the distance, he saw a gigantic irregular metal erecting in the center of the land, “Soon, soon we’ll possess power even greater than gods,” Michelangelo murmured obsessively as he clenched his right fist.

        A slender lady showed up at the entrance. She bowed to him and spoke respectfully, “headmaster, the test result is out.”

        Michelangelo suppressed the emotional upsurge within by taking a deep breath. “Thank you, Galileo. How many of them are qualified,” he talked to her calmly.


        “It’s a fruitful year. The number of the qualifiers are unprecedented.”

        “Yes, their power is truly amazing.”

        “Is that so? I can’t wait to see them. Can you bring them to here?”

        “Here?” Galileo looked around this dark place. “Isn’t this place supposed to stay secret?”

        “Galileo, we don’t have time to wait. Demons’ ravage is pressing and getting desperate. Humanity will be doomed if we don’t speed up.”

        “Understood. I’ll bring them here.”

        Soon, she was back, with 2 ladies and 4 men. Taking the lead was a young boy Newton, followed by a tall man Darwin. “Boy, don’t be mad okay? I didn’t mean it to fool you,” he apologized to Newton.

        “Shut up. I don’t wanna talk to you right now,” Newton pulled a long face.

        “Right, you shouldn’t have lied to little innocent Newton.” Edison patted Newton in the shoulder and cut in.

        “Well, I don’t mind. Actually it’s quite fun. And most importantly, I met my Stein! Oh, when are we gonna make babies, Stein?” Nicole asked vigorously as she grabbed Einstein’s arm.

        As this kind of question had been asked so many times, Einstein responded with a smile, “anytime, if it’s okay for you to be scolded by Galileo.”

        “What?” Nicole saw Galileo glare at her, and she cringed behind Einstein in fear.

        At this moment, Marie finally broke her silence, speaking loudly to Galileo and Darwin. “I understand the reason you lied to those newcomers. But why were you hiding it from me for the whole time? I’m the bronze scientist of Lomond Manor after all.”

        “Because it’s your promotion test,” Darwin explained. “And you can’t keep a secret, so I have to do this.”


        “Marie, this is my decision. You can talk to me directly if you have any complaints.” When Michelangelo spoke, Galileo, Darwin and Marie shut their mouth instantly. Then, Michelangelo came to greet the newcomers.

        “Congratulations, Einstein, Nicole, Newton and Edison, you passed the test.”

        “Cut the pleasantries. What is this test for? We almost got killed!” Edison put it bluntly. Michelangelo did not answer, but looked at Einstein instead.

        “You already got the answer right? Einstein.”

        “...To bring out our true potentials in the face of desperate situations…,” he answered. “The element residing here is stronger than anywhere else. So it’s easier for us to transcend our strength limit.”

        “Correct.” Michelangelo pointed at the dark land. “This place leads to the entrance of the great ancient civilization. Normal people will go mad as they approach. Only those who have resonances of element and transcendence of potentials can survive.”

        He gazed at everyone and continued. “You’re all chosen. Soon, you’ll join Galileo and Darwin to explore the underground.”

        “Both of them and Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have been to this unknown region before. Some of our men died down there, unfortunately. Those who survived have also paid a considerable price.” Michelangelo’s attention focused on the metal parts of Galileo and Darwin.

        “Therefore, we need talents with exceptional potentials. This is the purpose of the test.”

        “But what is worth exploring the underground,” Newton asked hesitantly. Michelangelo then raised his hand and clenched his fist. “A secret of element, a secret that can change the entire realm.”

        His words put everyone in silence. After a while, he ordered Galileo and Darwin to get everyone settled. Having been through many twists and turns, all of them were exhausted. They went back to bedrooms to rest…

        At midnight, a shadow passed through a hallway to the entrance of the dark land. The shadow pushed the door open and stepped in. Oddly, the darkness which eroded Michelangelo previously did not stop that shadow from moving forward, who went straight towards the irregular metal and touched it.

        “I’m here, finally.” The shadow——Einstein looked up, touching his left chest——the kinetic core was pulsating fast, as if it was drowning in a tremendous joy.

        “Teacher Schrödinger, I’ll honour our promise.”

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