A young girl Andromeda and a strong man Hercules came to the palace of Aether. “I heard Lady Aether summoned us here. Is there anything we can help?” Andromeda asked with a smile.
        “The battle between the Zodiacs and Humans is getting worse and worse. I hope you can give the Gods a leg up.”
        “Sure. You can count on us. We won’t let Lady Aether down.” Andromeda said confidently.
        “Finally, I can revenge for Perseus. I won’t show mercy to the hateful Zodiacs.”
        Andromeda packed up quickly and met with Hercules. As they were about to set out, they heard a strange noise of metal friction——a broken human-like metal came up to Andromeda and grabbed her hem with its ruined hand. She felt pity for it, gently touching the “head” of that metal object.
        “What is the matter?”
        “Hula wants to be with Andromeda…” The metal object Hula spoke in a flat tone.
        “But it’s dangerous to come with me. Hula may get hurt.”
        “Hula...will protect...Andromeda...”
        “But…” Witnessing Hula’s entreating, Andromeda was unable to refuse. At this moment, Hercules broke the silence as he tapped on her shoulder: “It seems Hula won’t give up easily. Just let it follow.”
        Andromeda accepted to take Hula with her and headed towards their destination. They encountered a few ambushes of Demons on the journey, but they could handle it easily with their sophisticated experience.
        These ten days, they kept walking without any rest. Finally, they were used up. Hercules suggested taking a rest at night before they continued. Andromeda agreed. They had a bonfire and gradually slept.
        Andromeda, leaning against Hula, was awakened by the scream. She got up and found out that Hercules was already wide awake. Then, Andromeda broke the silence.
        “We should take a look.”
        “Okay, but be careful.”
        Andromeda nodded. She passed through a grove with Hula cautiously, and saw a blonde girl with a scar on her face was lying down. She promptly ran to help the girl; Hercules and Hula also followed.
        “Are you alright?”
        The blonde girl Mammon opened her eyes suddenly, drew a dagger hidden in her hand and tried to stab Andromeda in the face. Fortunately, Hercules was alert to the girl, then pulled away Andromeda in time, but the dagger still cut off some of her hairs.
        “You dodged it. But I won’t let you go if you don’t tell me the weapon location.” Mammon jumped back and raised her hand. Then, numerous Demons showed up in the woods and surrounded Andromeda immediately.
        “Shoot them!”
        At Mammon’s command, the Demons attacked right away. Countless arrows were pouring like rain.
        “Stop!” Andromeda gathered constellation power and casted a water elemental mask to protect them. However, the enemies’ attacks were relentless. Andromeda would soon run out of stamina, and the mask started to become weak.
        “Hercules...please take Andromeda …”
        “You——!” Looking at the back of Hula, Hercules was hesitant. But he knew it was the only choice, so he carried the exhausted Andromeda on the shoulder and escaped to the exit on the other side of the woods.
        “Hula! What are you doing?” Andromeda kept yelling and pounding Hercules. “Put me down! Hercules! I don’t want Hula sacrificing itself to save me!” She shouted regardless of her bearing.
        “No, I can’t. Otherwise, Hula’s efforts will be in vain.”
        “Dang it!...Boohoo...Hula…” Andromeda shouted herself hoarse, and gradually stopped pounding Hercules, because she thought he was right…
        Hula, who stayed behind, kept watching Andromeda until she was out of sight. Then, it turned around and faced the swarm of Demons.
        “Hula...likes...Andromeda...” Hula twisted its body and gathered power inside. The metal surface was reddened by its heat, giving out piping-hot steam.
        “You can’t hurt her...Hula...protects her——” Torrid green lights shone from Hula's body, forming a gust of strong wind, and engulfed all the Demons.
        The green light emitted by Hula’s explosion ignited the whole woods, as bright as daytime.
        “I’ll never forget you, Hula. Thank you for saving me.” Clenching her fists, Andromeda kept looking at the woods afar; the green light imprinted itself forever in her memory.

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