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        Apollo was bathing under sunshine, feeling comfortable as his skin was caressed by the elements. With his eyes closed, the elements slowly brought him back to the flashback of the old times…

        “Artemis, he’s just a mortal, a selfish and cowardly creature. Why do you care about him that much?” Apollo questioned Artemis.

        “You’re still misunderstanding humans. I’ll never forgive you.” Artemis left as soon as she vented the rage at Apollo coldly.

        In Apollo’s mindset, there was an uncrossable boundary between humans and gods, and the difference could never be changed. That was why Apollo had executed Artemis’s human lover when he had found out this interracial love. His action eventually made Artemis resent him.

        That remained an unanswered question in Apollo’s head, and he decided to try seeing things from Artemis's perspective. This day, he went to a remote village. Arriving at the destination, he conjured his godly power to visualize a bunch of ferocious beasts.

        “Go. Show me the true face of humans.”

        As Apollo waved his hand to signal, the beast pack began to sprint towards the village. Meanwhile, he disguised himself as an elderly who was chased by the beasts.

        “H-Help me!” The eldery-disguised Apollo sought help from the villagers.

        “Where do the beasts come from!”

        “We gotta run!”

        “Get outta the way!”

        Yet all villagers were terrified by the beasts behind Apollo. All they cared about was their own safety, pushing each other in their ways. None of them was selfless enough to help Apollo.

        “Humans are cowardly and selfish just as I expected. They can never be compared to us the gods.” Apollo was disappointed. Before he revealed his divinity and took down the beasts, a little girl came to the eldery-disguised Apollo.

        “Don’t be scared. I’ll protect you,” said the little girl, carrying Apollo’s weight on her weak shoulders.

        “Little girl, I’m too heavy for you. If you insist, you’ll get eaten by them too. Just leave me and run for yourself,” Apollo persuaded the girl who was merely holding on to her will.

        “No! As the princess of Troy, I’ll never abandon my people!”

        Looking at the front persistently, the girl pulled the maximum afford to carry on. However, this was too much for a 7-year-old girl. She lost her balance shortly and stumbled with Apollo.

        At this moment, the arrived beasts were about to maul Apollo——

        “Watch out!”

        The girl put her own safety behind to shield Apollo, but he pulled her into his embrace instead.

        Not only did Apollo sense the fear from her racing heartbeats, but he felt her warmth. At this moment, a different feeling rose in his heart.

        “This girl is different from the humans I know. She’s brave and honorable...Oh, I didn’t know that such noble qualities existed in humanity until now.”

        “Don’t be scared,” said Apollo softly, patting the girl’s shoulder gently.

        The aged fragile body that held the girl gradually became tall and solid. With a flick of a finger, Apollo shot Light element at the beast pack to trap them.

        “You...You’re the God of the Sun!” The girl was in awe.

        “The kind and selfless girl, tell me your name,” Apollo asked softly while healing her wounds caused by the chaos.

        “Cassandra, my lord,” Cassandra answered devoutly with her knees on the ground.

        “I will bear it in my mind,” said Apollo, stroking her hair in caress.

        “Cassandra, your innocence will put you in despair one day. But fear not, for I, Apollo the God of the Sun will brighten up your path.”

        Cassandra, blessed by Apollo, grew into a gorgeous young lady while her innocence and bravery remained untainted. She won Apollo’s heart with her mesmerizing dance, but the brutal fate decided to tear down this pair of star-crossed lovers...