“Genie, no!”

        “I am sorry. I must fulfill my master’s wish.” Genie said as he summoned the earth to swallow his previous master’s mansion with an earthquake.

        Genie’s current master, with a lamp in his hand, looked at the collapse in content: “Hahaha! You deserve this. Weren’t you an arrogant scum just a while ago? Now the magic lamp is mine!” The lamp’s current master yelled another wish again: “Slave! For my final wish, throw this person into the middle of the desert!”

        “Genie!” The terrified previous master looked at Genie, which was about to spell him.

        “Sorry. I...I can’t control myself.” Genie could not bear look at the pitiful sight of its previous master, so it closed its eyes before casting the magic. Pensive tears flowed from the corner of its eyes.

        Genie’s power was omnipotent; however, the price of this power meant captivity in a lamp and the promise to fulfill three wishes for the lamp’s master. Genie would sometimes run into virtuous masters who would call it by its name, but they usually end up being envied for having their dreams come true. Enemies would steal the magic lamp and exact revenge. Every time, Genie was helpless. He did not have the freedom to choose and could only succumb to the wishes of its masters — even if it was to hurt others.

        As time passed and after numerous ownership transferrals, Genie became tribute to the emperor of some state. Although Genie resided in the lamp, it was still vaguely aware of the outside world. When it heard that it to be sent to the emperor, it sank into various bitter recollections. In the past, Genie fulfilled a few emperors’ wishes. Most of them were to create cataclysms in hope of using nature to destroy rival states. Genie became worried that it would be turned yet again into a killing machine. But then, it heard the one addressed as “emperor”:

        “How old is this design? This does not suit my esthetics. Let this shabby artifact gather dust in the treasury.”

        Genie felt immediate relief...

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