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        On the battlefield, a fiery red figure was fighting. Although he was encircled by thousands of soldiers, he was still standing, fending off his enemies one by one with his sword, and defending himself from attacks one after another with his shield. It seemed as if he was born to fight... Seeing him fight boosted the soldiers' morale. They believed that as long as Achilles was in line with them, their victory would be assured.

        Surrounding Achilles, some enemies raised their spears or swords towards him, while some were striking the ground with their shields. At first, they fought Achilles one by one, but soon they realized that it was impossible to single-handedly defeat Achilles. More and more warriors leaped out to fight him, and it gradually became a chaotic battle.

        Some ran at Achilles’ front with their blades, while some rushed at him from the side holding their spears. At this very moment, Achilles kicked off the enemies in front of him, fended off those on his left with his shield and turned to slash the ones coming from his right. The soldiers, looking at each other, dared not to step forward...

        “Now what? No one dare to come?” yelled Achilles.

        “Useless cowards! How dare you ever imagine it was possible to prevent me from conquering your city?” he burst into laughter.

        “We... We aren’t cowards!”

        Provoked by Achilles, all the enemies swamped him. They had put their fear of death aside, with only the idea of protecting their dignity in mind. In the flash, Achilles was swamped by countless soldiers that his red armor was impossible to be seen...

        Out of the blue the battlefield was engulfed by a disastrous fire, and no one could turn their eyes from Achilles, who was standing on a mound of bodies. Grabbing a head in hand, he raised his sword and cackled as he gazed into the sky...