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        It was the year that the maiden became obsessed by his movements. His katana, white as snow with a silver gleam, danced through the air - his elegance palpable to all.

        It was the year when the maiden eloped with the young man, getting away from the life of a caged bird.

        From the forest the teenager could hear horses gallop, and approaching very rapidly. He gripped his katana out of nerves. At the moment, a middle-aged man came, bringing another young man and a number of armed samurai. The man gazed at the teenager and the maiden in rage. The tennager therefore held the maiden in his arms, and pointed his two katanas at the troop.

        “Yoshitsune, release the princess and return with us. I have pleaded the King for his mercy, and he agreed to exempt you from death.”

        “My honorable brother, Snowdrop and I adore each other. Why must you bring us apart, instead of letting us go?”

        “I say it again. Release the princess and go back with me!”

        “Don’t tell me it’s for the ridiculous fame and luxury?”

        “Minamoto no Yoshitsune has committed the crime of kidnapping the princess and treason. Kill him!”

        All the samurai were shocked by the order. They all knew that their master loved his second son so much. However, they received such an order from the master’s firstborn son and hence hesitated looking at the middle-aged man for instructions.

        “Run, Snowdrop! I’ll catch up with you!” He told the princess as he casted his eyes over the uncertain samurai.

        “I’m not going anywhere if you aren’t coming with me!”

        Tears rolled all over the face of Princess Snowdrop. The reluctance and determination in her eyes delivered Yoshitsune warmth. He then laughed heartily. As he held her waist and kissed her softly, he knocked the princess unconscious with a karate-chop at her neck. He got off his horse and patted it, which bolted into the forest.

        The horse could no longer be seen from where they were. Yoshitsune turned, looking at his father and brother. He laughed, gazing at the sky while shedding blood and tears from his eyes. He raised his katana and ran at his father, who defended himself with his. All of a sudden Yoshitsune threw away his katana, so that the katana of his father was thrust into him. He leaned on the shoulder of his father, in the way he did when he was small.

        “Father, I can’t fulfill my filial duties as your son. I am sorry.”

        Yoshitsune fell after finishing his words. Looking at his son bewilderingly, the father felt the stains on his katana was mocking at him. The man, who suddenly appeared ten years older, knelt on the ground and cried while holding the body of his son. Everyone but his eldest son went down on their knees, wiping away the tears welling up in their eyes...