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        Fthaggua came from a stardust with no self consciousness, as insignificant as human’s fingernail. Drifting over the vast universe, it should have worn off slowly into nothingness, but surprisingly...No, perhaps it was called “fate”.

        It drifted into somewhere in the proximity of the land of life created by Daoloth; there Fthaggua encountered Azathoth the destroyer , who led its follower Ghroth to this place to achieve their madness annihilation.

        At the time, Azathoth just woke from slumber; its overflowing energy kept leaking out, and a portion happened to fall on the stardust, making it become self-awareness—— the very first existence of Fthaggua.

        “It’s too small...cramped...It cannot hold me here...I need to break out!”

        Fthaggua’s desire turned into raging flames, raising intense heat over the stardust. Next second, a stellar explosion occurred.

        Crimson mist was continuously released from the center of the explosion, shaping a vague outline——A pair of wings spread out, wide enough to cover the whole land like a screen. Its body was coated with flames.

        “Geegege! Is this my world? To me it’s just an eyesore. Let me crush it all!”

        Fthaggua breathed out a tornado of flames which swept across surrounding meteorites and stardust, burning them to ashes in a split second. And such glaring fire of destruction had captured Azathoth’s attention. It descended right in front of Fthaggua, opened the giant mouth and swore——

        “I need your damn fire. Follow me, and destroy whatever we like.”

        Before the sacred and almighty creature, Fthaggua bowed to Azathoth without hesitation.

        Fthaggua was loyal to execute every destruction, where it found pleasure and satisfaction in return. And its perception of destruction was even simpler than Azathoth’s. Despite the difference, Fthaggua totally accepted it; no matter what Azathoth had become, its loyalty was absolute.

        Soon, Fthaggua was aware that Azathoth had gone missing, so it assembled the other followers to track down, and the lead had brought them into the realm. As they split up to search for Azathoth, Fthaggua saw an azure dragon sleeping peacefully by the riverside.

        “That...dragon of creation, Ubbo Sathla the follower of Daoloth...Well...unlike Daoloth...Ubbo always wants to kill Azathoth...Maybe it’ll know where Azathoth is.”

        Fthaggua flew to the top of cliffs to keep a far distance. Then it crept between woods silently. Closing eyes, Fthaggua shapeshifted its own consciousness into a palm-size fireball; then it sneaked up on Ubbo and went into its body to spy on the memories.

        The past of Ubbo, its respect and love with Daoloth, hatred to Azathoth...Countless fragments were cramming into Fthaggua’s mind instantly, causing the fire to sway, become feeble to almost die out.

        “Geegege! This thing cannot destroy me!” Fthaggua cried out hysterically to light up the fire, engulfing Ubbo’s memories despotically. Then, it got something——The moment when Azathoth fell into the dell.

        “Gotta save Azathoth!” As Fthaggua was about to leave, a water sphere blocked its way and cursed in fury.

        “You despicable destroyer! How dare you break into my consciousness. Humph, there’ll be no way out for you! Die!”

        “Geegege!! You arrogant fool, you think you can defeat me!?”

        With a surge of power, the fireball turned into a dragon, pouncing over Ubbo to bite the water sphere suddenly. As a counter strike, Ubbo transformed into a water dragon to bite back.

        Two dragons wrestled with each other. When their consciousness collided, both felt the similarities and differences of themselves at the same time.

        “So this is what destruction feels like...Somehow it’s very much like creation…” This thought popped up as Ubbo was biting Fthaggua. Just when Fthaggua saw Ubbo has a flicker of hesitation, it seized the chance to entangle the other.

        Roaarrr———! A part of memory replayed the echo of miserable shrills. Ubbo saw Daoloth there, moaning painfully.

        “No…I can’t leave Daoloth alone!” Ubbo’s feeble consciousness was agitated by the poor Daoloth. Then, it struggled to break loose from Fthaggua with overwhelming power.

        “Gegege! Interesting! What a surprise to grow stronger like that just for someone.

        “Shut up!! I said shut up!!” Ubbo tore Fthaggua into half ferociously. The game was set; Fthaggua was defeated. However, the half of Fthaggua showed no fear; flames were still dancing ramplantly.

        “You thought I was done, didn’t you? Gegege, naive! I’m immortal. As long as Azathoth exists, it can destroy for me. I’ll last forever——”

        Before Fthaggua finished, it was swallowed up completely. Then, Ubbo’s madness had become calm again, but what Ubbo did not know was that Fthaggua’s consciousness was not entirely gone...A tiny part of which still remained in its own flesh body on the top of the cliffs...