“It’s so boring...Hey, robot, do something to make me laugh.”

        “Laugh? What is ‘laugh’?”

        “You don’t even know what ‘laughing’ is? So my initial assessment was correct; the product is defective.”


        “Just leave. I don’t want you anymore. And throw these away for me. Why is everything around me things that I don’t like?”

        “Where should I throw them?”

        The girl in a checkered blue and black dress did not answer. She merely ran to the living room and looked at a gigantic rectangular mirror in amusement, murmuring, “...Lü Bu, huh? Seems interesting, hehe...”

        The robot held the abandoned toys in its arms and left the castle. It did not go far and instead, simply wandered around the castle. Without directions from its owner, it did not know where it should go. This did not change until one day when the robot saw its owner’s emissary flying to the other side of the mountain. The robot thought: if I follow the emissary, I should be able to discard these toys as well as myself, right?

        The emissary, on her broom, swiftly vanished into the clouds under the blue sky. The robot could only rely on its memory to follow in the emissary’s path. It slowly walked onto the mountain and days later, the robot finally crossed over to the other side and entered a forest. Although it had already lost sight of the emissary, it thought the distance it had walked was long enough to be deemed “throwing away” the toys. Having pushed itself on with its journey, the robot have not had the time to carry out maintenance of its own body. A few parts seemed to be malfunctioning, and its eyes were leaking the liquid that sustains its operation.

        “Why are you crying here?”

        Crying? What is “crying”? The robot turned to the person who asked the question — a girl in a red hat. It immediately realized that appearance-wise, she looked a bit like its owner, but entirely different overall; is it because they wore different clothes? Somehow, the robot felt that if it followed the girl, it would be able to meet its owner again. That way, it can learn why its owner “does not like” itself.

        “Hmm, if I were to hazard a guess, I would say you’re missing is a ‘heart’.” The girl said.

        “‘Heart’? As in the organ?”

        “As in a ‘heart’ that can feel the sentiments of the world.”

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