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        To protect the heavens, Artemis and Apollo had fierce battles with the Zodiac. Both sides went all out during the battle, doing everything they could to protect what was important to them. Artemis pulled her bow and conjured a dark elemental arrow; while her opponent gathered earth elemental power and pulled his crossbow right away. The two released their arrows, which clashed together. The dark-purple and emerald lights merged to create a dazzling flare! Through the blazing elemental light, Artemis saw an illusion of her alternative life…

        During a silent night, Artemis carried her bow as she hunt in the woods. Hunting was her hobby. She heard the grass rustle nearby, promptly stopped and took a deep breath. Artemis pulled her bow, aimed at the prey and took a shot. The arrow hit the target skillfully. She excitedly ran to the prey, but was shocked to see that it was actually a person! Artemis hastily walked next to the person, who was a handsome boy named Orion.
        She was into him at the first sight, and decided to to be responsible for his wellbeing. Orion was also happy to spend time with Artemis. In order to understand the realm of Humans, Zeus commanded Artemis to observe the mortal world. However, since Artemis met Orion, she stopped reporting to Zeus and even wandered around with Orion in order to avoid Zeus and the other Gods. They never stayed in a town for long nor did they interact with any townspeople. Artemis knew she had to ignore everything that was unessential to their secrecy, otherwise she would be easily noticed by the Gods.

        One day, Artemis and Orion arrived at a town that worshipped Apollo. The crippled Orion carelessly bumped into a priestess of the God of the Sun! The people around helped him up, but then someone yelled: “He dared to molest the priestess! He is challenging our God! He is not a believer! We must sentence him, or else we will be punished!”
        “Hold, hold on! I don’t know who the God of the Sun is nor did I know this lady is a priestess!”
        “You don’t even know the God of the Sun! You must have been bewitched by Demons!”
        Orion spoke without ill intention, but it still angered the townspeople. They lifted him up and carried him to the town center.
        “Orion! Orion!” Artemis followed him. She reached out and tried to hold his hand, but to no avail.
        “I can't just do nothing and watch Orion get killed!”
        The bright moon shone upon Artemis as she became coated with lilac light. A silver glitter formed a bow in her hands. She leaped into the air, gathered dark elemental power and shot arrows to block the citizens’ path. Artemis landed and pulled the bow as she commanded: “Put him down! Otherwise I will kill you all!”
        The townspeople speechlessly looked at each other speechlessly. All of a sudden, a beam of light shot down from the sky, causing the townspeople to immediately put Orion down and fall to their knees in the direction of the light beam. With her divine power, Artemis could sense it was Apollo. She calmly turned around and knew she could no longer run from her fate as a God.
         “Apollo, you have no idea how civilized your believers are.”
         “Artemis, you have been missing for quite some time. I didn't know you were so fond of freedom that you would even forget about what Zeus had asked of you.” Artemis knew Apollo was being sarcastic since she hasn't been reporting to the Gods about the realm of Humans.
        “For the sake of our kinship, can you please pretend you didn’t see me and just let me go?”
        Just as Artemis thought Apollo was going to let her go, he suddenly commanded his believers; all of the townspeople began charging at her!
        “Go to Zeus and explain yourself!”
        Since Artemis didn't want to harm the townspeople, she concealed her divine power and struggled to fight off Apollo's believers. As more and more believers rushed towards her, In the blink of an eye, Artemis was consumed by the crowd.. Before Artemis was completely surrounded, she saw Orion fleeing the scene as he hobbled away!
        Apollo brought Artemis to Zeus. However, Artemis did not reply a single word to her father's questions. She sacrificed herself for Orion and even believed Gods and Humans were equals, but at last, she realized that humans would only tremble in fear in the presence of a God. Artemis was sentenced death. By the time Zeus hit her with a lightning bolt, she had already began to weep…

        “Some say there is a difference between Humans and Gods and that it all stems from arrogance on the Gods' side. We’re biologically homologous, and Gods are simply humans who possess power.”