The manservant helped the matron with her ancestors’ last earthly possessions. The matron’s three daughters played with them in joy; the eldest daughter lift a red witch hat above her head.

        “Doris, watch out! The hat is not for just anyone!” The matron dashed to her daughter and grabbed the hat in her hand. “These hats hold ancient powers. If you do not have power from the same source, they would devour you.”

        “Devour?” The youngest daughter asked with sparkling eyes.

        “These hats are just not for you to wear.”

        “But,” Doris said while picking up another red headwear, “Mom, I think I can wear them.” Doris held tighter on the hat but was hesitating because she did not want to make mommy angry.

        The matron looked at Doris’ hesitated and excited expression and felt angry and amused. “What are you talking about?”

        “I don’t know...I just feel...” Doris lowered her head as if she had done something wrong and was waiting to be scolded. The matron saw her pitiful face and thought maybe she was telling the truth. Then she turned to her middle and youngest daughter and asked if they had felt anything toward the hats. They both shook their head and kept playing with a chessboard and a toy merry-go-round.

        “Doris, tell mommy clearly. What do you feel?” The matron’s tender voice eased Doris’ nervous heart. Doris closed her eyes and felt harder...

        Doris kept her eyes closed for a long time and the matron became worried. Finally, Doris opened her eyes and said with hesitation, “It’s saying ‘wear me, wear me’”. This answer brought the matron back to an old memory:

        ‘Mommy, can I wear your hat for a while?’

        ‘You did not inherit mommy’s power and cannot wear these hats, or they would devour you.’

        ‘How do you know I don’t have the power?’

        ‘Because if you do, you can sense the hats talking to you, saying “wear me, wear me.” Haha, don’t pout, dear. Maybe your sons or daughters will inherit the power. You can give them the hats when the time comes.’

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