“Though our married life may have lasted for just one night, I shall take care of you for the rest of my life. If any accidents befall you, how can I...countinue on?”

        In the past, Li Hsiao-Yao was tricked into taking the Sorrow-forgetting Powder, losing the memories of his wife, Ling-Er. During his amnesia, Lin Yue-Ru had always devoted herself to him. Later on, although he had regained his memories, misfortunes still stroke them as Ling-Er fell into a coma due to over-exertion while Yue-Ru was fatally wounded, her life barely maintained by goddess guardian’s pneuma. Li Hsiao-Yao journeyed all over in search of a panacea, and his carefree nature from behind was now long gone. Only when summoning the Deity of Alcohol did his past heroism return, destroying Yaoguais in fiery enthusiasm.

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