When Ali Baba was small, he once and only once saw a cat in clothes reading an old and shabby book. Out of curiosity, Ali Baba tried to start a conversation with it. However, it paid him no attention and turned away in annoyance. Ali Baba chased after it and unexpectedly managed to stay within ten yards.

        Fed up with Ali Baba, the cat turned and asked, “What do you want?”

        Ali Baba caught up with his breath and asked, “Hu...Mr. Cat, are those treasure maps in your book?”

        “None of your business.” The cat was alerted and held the book even tighter.

        “But the scimitar on your waist should be worth a fortune. You found it on a treasure hunt, didn’t you?” Disregarding his question, the cat turned to leave again. Ali Baba hastily yelled, “Treasure hunts are fun! You can travel everywhere and earn a lot, so you won’t get hungry all the time.”

        The cat kept walking; its pace seemed to be slowing down.

        “Mr. Cat, bring me with you! I want to go on an adventure and hunt treasures for money as well!” Ali Baba used every bit of his energy to shout. He was almost exhausted from the running, so the shout was not too loud, though enough for the cat to hear.

        The cat stopped without turning back. It waved the book in its hand. “Don’t bother talking to me until you manage to learn this archaic language, kid.”

        Seeing the cat speeding up to leave, Ali Baba hurried and asked, “Then you will take me on your trip for treasures?”

        The cat did not answer and disappeared into the city. Ali Baba said in adoration, “He’s so cool!”

        Since then, Ali Baba engrossed in studying archaic language and practising. He became a treasure hunter, hoping to meet the cat again someday!

        Treasure hunt?

        “Treasures happened to be in the graves of someone’s ancestors. To get them, we need ‘extreme means’!” — Ali Baba the Treasure Hunter

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