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        Riding on a horse, Diarmuid stood in the frontline of the warriors. They raised their swords towards Diarmuid, who slowly unsheathed his and clanged the swords one by one as a ceremony before a battle.

        “My warriors, victory belongs to us! Pride belongs to us! Glory belongs to us! We shall come back with victory!” Diarmuid pointed his sword to the enemies and yelled, “Follow me!”

        As the warriors howled, they charged at their enemies with their weapons held tightly in their hands. The armies fought in close quarters... Riding on horseback, Diarmuid slashed his way through the enemy ranks opening a bloody path for his warriors to follow. Following Diarmuid’s wake his warriors killed many along the way in support of Diarmuid’s firm rush towards the enemy general.

        The aristocratic general was at his wits’ end due to his fear. He had no choice but to lead the army because he was ordered by the King. Threatened by Diarmuid’s aura, he was occupied by the idea of running away. He tried to vault onto his horse, yet Diarmuid was already there. On the verge of death, he drew out his sword for a last struggle. Diarmuid jumped off his horse and walked to the general, swords in hands. With a single strike, his opponent’s sword was knocked away. The general shook like a leaf and sat on the ground, that he broke out in a cold sweat. Diarmuid raised his sword to slash.

        “I surrender!” The general extended himself to yell, that everyone involved in the battle could hear him.

        Hearing the general's words, Diarmuid stopped. He sighed as he turned to his soldiers and said, “The general agrees to surrender. Tell the others there’s no need to fight. It’s over!”

        “Yes sir.” The soldiers went to spread the message away.

        The general, who managed to keep his life, fled with his men without looking back.

        After a few more battles, Diarmuid was regarded as the strongest of the warriors with a reputation that would frighten his enemies. He was strong, but would never harm the innocent...