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        “Has the scout returned?”

        “Not yet...”

        “You worthless scum! You’ll all get demoted if there’s no update about the situation in the town before noon!”

        A general was furious in the camp of the army of the Gods. The battle was the key to his career prospects, and the castle was a strategic point. However, the place was guarded by a fierce demon...

        The spy, on the run, fell as he was pierced. He was moaning so painfully that his face twisted with frustration. The halberd was through his body and caused him more pain. Like a worm, he crawled as he struggled. Not long after, he took his last breath with his eyes widely opened.

        A man with a tattoo of the word “invincible” on his chest came from afar. He stepped on the spy hard with one foot to pull out his halberd from the body. Blood splashed onto his face, so he licked the corner of his lips. Seeing the vast army in the distance, he smiled and whistled at his horse, which came to him upon his order. He mounted his horse, with one of his hands wielding the halberd, and another holding the reins. He raised his halberd and roared, then he rode his horse towards the vast amount of enemies.

        The halberd harvested lives of soldiers like the grim reaper’s scythe. The blood bloomed like cherry blossoms, depicting a bloody scene, which was too horrifying to be appreciated by most people with the sole exception being the one riding on the horse with his halberd. His body covered by blood of the others, he looked just like a demon coming from underworld. His arrogant laughter echoed throughout the battlefield, frightening every soldier present. A general rode up from the back because he knew if they allowed the demon to continue this slaughter, the army would not be able to advance; even if the demon was killed. the morale of the army would not be restored due to the massive bloodshed, and one could foresee the dreadful result that awaited in the next battle . A one-on-one battle was necessary to boost the morale of the army.

        “ State your name, soldier!”

        “You wanna duel, aha? I’ll play with you then.”

        As he finished his words, the general was dead, with his head separated from his body.


        All the soldiers were dumbfounded as if they were frozen. Their general was not an extraordinary swordsman, but he was not a nobody as well. The demon won with a single blow, how would it be possible to fight him?

        “No volunteers? Aha, I’ll go on then!”

        The wailing of the soldiers resounded through the battlefield until dusk, when the olive grassland was dyed red, and the rusty smell of blood wafted across instead of that of the freshly cut grass. At the end, a soldier pointed at the demon with his sword.

        “I want to know by whose hands I am dying...”

        The demon waved his halberd to cut the soldier’s head off. He grabbed the head and looked into the eyes before he threw it aside and laughed to the sky.

        “My name is Lü Bu!”