“The ancient law was established by the early Gods. They witnessed the oath of ancient savants.” The savants raised their scepters high, announced, “We shall witness your appointment. Ever-glory scepter shall lead for eternity.”

        Zeus stood in the center of an enormous hall where divine power were glittering around the pillars. Dazzling radiance converged on Zeus, endowing upon him the status and power of a supreme ruler.

        “Zeus, please uphold the law and order of Gods amid the tumultuous times.”

        After the rite, Thetis offered her advice to Zeus in her capacity as savant, but he shook his head and refuted, “Savant of Rules! As the king of all Gods, banishing Demons with almighty power takes priority over all.”

        Thetis had no choice but agree with Zeus. It was the threat of the Demons that had led the pantheon of gods to choose Zeus as their supreme leader. Therefore, she offered blessings to Zeus in accordance with the customs. Yet, doubts remained in her heart... Since then, seed of discord was sowed between Thetis and Zeus.

        Thetis did not believe in Zeus though they were both Gods. Since the realm of Humans had been discovered, Zeus sent his offsprings there but none of them contributed anything. Thetis’s dissatisfaction towards Zeus grew as she watched the growing chaos in the realm of Humans. Finally, the stubbornness inside her had driven her to bear the pain of removing her leg, and with it, she created a human infant with divine power. She had broken the laws to restore order, in the hope that her “son” could wipe out chaos and return order to the world in the future.

        “You have to be the strongest warrior among all, and when the wars are over, you shall serve as my sharpened spear, ruling all living creatures with law!

        Thetis kept her secret concealed while she eagerly anticipated her son’s success. She was not aware of the immorality of her creation until her beloved son died in a battle. At that moment, she felt a piercing pain in her heart as tears of blood rushed down her cheeks. Riding on her mystical horse, she searched for her son’s body in the realm of Humans, yet what she found was an already frenzied Demon—

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