Abhoth moved its tentacles to wander around the empty darkness; a large amount of headless flesh came out, sending a sense of oppression to its mind, as if it had walked into a beehive.
        Each was different in terms of behavior. Some were sitting, standing, laughing or crying. They had their own consciousness, but shared the same perception. This creature was born from Azathoth’s vision——Y’golonac. Then, a headless flesh in the center talked in a hoarse voice.
        “Abhoth the creator, welcome to the inside of me.”
        “Y’golonac the destroyer, have you found it?”
        “Of course. To find Ithaqua the gazer of fate, I’ve split into billions of crones to catch up its trail. It took me long enough to reach that dimension-twisting power Ithaqua took away from Daoloth.”
        One of Y’golonac’s clones raised a special container. It was like a bottle but its mouth extended from top to bottom. Inside which there was filled with iridescent light; a ring of colours was flashing from time to time.
        “This used to connect different dimensions in order to decentralize the uncontrollable power, isn’t it?” Abhoth rolled up the container, and a numb feeling was stimulating its skin via the contact. Even the power was scattered across the boundless universe, Daoloth was still mighty.
        “No wonder you’re a puzzle solver, Abhoth. You see the nature clearly.” Y’golonac cracked its mouth open to wear a smile. “As long as this thing is put inside Azathoth, its power will be suppressed temporarily, bringing Azathoth and Daoloth together...But why are you doing this?”
        “Pure creation will never make life strong. It requires destruction and sufferings to make them thrive. Now that Daoloth it’s getting weaker and weaker, I have to bring it destruction before it disappears...How about you?” The liquid inside Abhoth rippled in a state of doubt. It was unable to suppress its own instinct to question.
        “I’m just loyal to destruction.” Aware of the main will, those headless clones turned to Abhoth simultaneously. Such bizarre scene seemed to send Abhoth a warning not to get into this anymore. “Soon I’ll lead Azathoth to your land of life alone,” said Y’golonac.

        Abhoth brought Daoloth’s twisted power back to the realm, patiently waiting with Ghatanothoa and Ubbo Sathla the creators for Azathoth’s visit.
        As expected, Azathoth descended with madness and rage. While sweeping across the sky, clouds were torn apart; woods were withered under its curses; and all those low forms of life immediately perished upon their direct gazes at it.
        “Damn! Damn you all!” Azathoth roared, radiating devastating red beams from its dragon heads. As the attacks were about to rake the land, a gigantic shadow pounced over from the right——Ubbo spurted thick mud out of its mouth, petrifying the right head of Azathoth in an instant.
        “How dare you try to stop me. I’m gonna rip you off!” Azathoth went berserk and bit Ubbo’s stony skin to bleed with razor-sharp teeth.

        “Roarr!” Suddenly, Azathoth’s left part took a heavy strike to fall. Turning around, it saw Ghatanothoa with a pair of raging eyes. Ghatanothoa, crouching on the ground, captured the moment Azathoth was dealing with Ubbo, gave itself a boost with its strong hind leg and took firm hold of Azathoth successfully.

        “We’ll never share a common ground! You evil Azathoth!” Maliciousness was found in Ghatanothoa’s words. Meanwhile, it subdued Azathoth with its gigantic body.
        “You shall never exist. Daoloth is the true light of the universe!” Ubbo coiled Azathoth up with its tail and squeezed hard.
        At this moment, Abhoth landed ahead of it from the sky. The eyeball soaking in the liquid focused on that violent yet beautiful creature.
        “This is my first time to look at Azathoth that close...How great it is. It’s irreplaceable, just like Daoloth. And to save Daoloth, its existence is necessary.”
        “Humph, do you really think you can stop me!? What a damned funny joke!”
        Spreading its bone-like wings, Azathoth got rid of Ubbo and Ghatanothoa to sprint towards Abhoth.
        Terror first kicked into its consciousness; unsettling yet intense ripples began to surge. Suppressing the escaping instinct, Abhoth came up to Azathoth with that container of Daoloth’s distorting power.

        “Disappear, you damned entities!” Azathoth opened the giant hole in its body, accumulating a destructive beam of despair.

        “Now!” Abhoth widened the inner eyeballs, swung its tentacles, and threw the container into the gaping hole that Azathoth had opened. Sensing the mightiness of Azathoth, that container was exuded with iridescent lights wide enough to cover the entire realm.

        “This…this is…! Don’t get inside me....Argh! My soul…hurts!”

        Azathoth’s body expanded and shrunk repeatedly, releasing roasting smoke. Such devastating agony left it unable to contain itself, and then fell, down into the bottomless hole, where was also the place that Ubbo had hidden Daoloth. All this was the intel that Abhoth received from Y’golonac.

        “I wonder, when creation meet destruction...what kind of miracle shall rise?”

        Abhoth gazed at the hole with mixed feelings; countless ripples were sending all over its body as it continued searching for the endless truth by instinct.

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