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        “It’s not supposed to be like that!” Midgley swept all his notes onto the floor. “My formulas are correct! Why can’t I succeed!”

        To develop eternal power, Midgley carried out experiments one after another. Even though he had sacrificed his left hand in an experiment, he still could not create an strong ever-lasting power.

        Despite an extended research period, Midgley’s experiment had once again failed. He was outraged by yet another failure. However, when such anger faded, Midgley cheered himself up. He went to the library in hopes of finding data beneficial to his experiment. Inadvertently, he located a manuscript about mechanical dragons. Its author deduced that Gods created such dragons to fight against Demons. The theories about mechanical dragons fascinated him. “If such dragons do exist, they must possess power so strong that it never depletes!”

        “The dragons really exist!” A voice rung out from beside Midgley.

        Midgley looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a clothed cat. He could not help but laughed: “It wasn’t you who said that, was it?”

        “Hmph! Another ignorant Human!” The cat despised Midgley’ callowness.

        “I thought you might be different from the mediocre Humans and wanted to tell you something interesting. But it looks like you’re just one of them.”

        “I am different!” The cat’s words hit Midgley’s sore point, compelling him to refute, “I’m neither ignorant nor mediocre! I’m working on the greatest thing in the world. They’re just too fatuous to understand...”

        “Yes, yes.” The cat said while taking out an ancient manuscript from its pocket.

        “This manuscript I hold might help you attain your target.”

        Midgley received the manuscript and looked at it in bewilderment. The manuscript was ragged and the words inside were of an ancient language.

        “To the mediocre, this is only an ancient manuscript; to the ignorant, this is merely rubbish. Ancient Dragon Power is an untouchable myth to people. However, to you, this may contain an unexpected surprise...”

        Attracted by the content, Midgley had been too preoccupied to care about the talking cat. He murmured in fascination, “Ancient Dragon magnificent...”

        The cat, sitting on the bookshelf, broke into a sly smile. All was progressing as it had previously rehearsed in its mind. It stretched itself and it was time to find those complacent Demonic Savants...