Thor was praised as the mightiest warrior of Aesir - even their tribal leader Odin admitted that he was no match for Thor. As the inheritor of the Divine Hammer passed down from the forefathers, he ought to be the successor to the last tribal leader, but Thor, who was in his young age, did not want the burdensome duties that followed the title. He loved weapons and brute force, for instance the Divine Hammer he had in hand, which possessed absolute firmness and immense power. Therefore, he abdicated and was succeeded by Odin. In the past, a savant brought knowledge from afar to the North, yet young Thor would rather forge weapons in the furnace than sitting under the tree for lectures. Every time he would make Odin show up instead. When the threat of the Demons became apparent, Thor and Odin forged armors for the soldiers together. Thor saw Odin’s character clearly through the way he forged armor. When the previous tribal leader passed away, Thor abdicated to be succeeded by Odin.

        “Odin, your lance is always true. I trust your judgment. For the sake of the wisdom you have inherited from the savant, you can lead our tribe to rule the North!”

        Thor swore an oath on his Divine Hammer that he would always make common cause with Odin. Since then, Thor has thrown aside the duties of leadership just as he wished. However, he could never catch up with Odin’s lance again. Instead, he could only spend the rest of his life chasing the flying lance until seeing it finally landed from afar.

        As warned by the savant, tribes of the North fought against the Demons as one. Thor won the right to lead the alliance for Aesir in the duel. As one of the vanguards, he battled against the Demons with the other warriors. Later, Odin acquired tremendous power from the Armor of Runes. This power he shared with Thor, allowing Thor to fend off enemies with the power of Thunder. Thor and the Divine Hammer became one under the influence of his newly acquired power. Mighty Thor kept on fighting. He and his companions journeyed with the Goddess of Golden Apple to defeat the Dragon of Poison, reclaiming Enochian Tower. Although not as respected as Odin, he was still the mighty God of Thunder highly respected by all. His name is still celebrated nowadays.

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